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This thought occured to me last night after a Meetup group outing. Waiting outside with a few people for their Lyft, one woman made it so I was blocking the breeze (it was cold). I noticed and unzipped my jacket and opened it up to block it more for her. She backs up into me, so I go with it and wrap my jacket around her and she puts her head on my chest and we just stay like that and chat.

It didn't last long, as her Lyft arrived a moment later. It occurred to me a short time later that that's the most physical contact I've had since I broke up with my ex last year.

Despite the short unexpected moment, I was happy and wanted to drown in it. I didn't want it to end.

So, the question for my fellow Kraft Singles: how often/rare is physical contact?


Hey! I worked at Gamestop for 11 years. It was not all that bad other than COL and the last couple of years My Proof: ...


I just felt so proud of myself I wanted to share.

I was buying some beer for a party on Friday evening around 10pm at my local chain grocery store. As I was checking out, the cashier immediately started making comments that made me feel super uncomfortable(talking about how pretty I was, where I was going, if I lived in the area, had a boyfriend, etc.) Keep in mind that I’m 21 and this man looked in his 50’s at least. The way he was looking at me was gross and I just wanted to get the transaction over with.

Saturday morning I was still annoyed with the interaction, and I worked up the courage to call the store’s customer service line! These creepy flirting situations do happen to me occasionally, but I finally convinced myself that employees should know better and I need to call them out for it. Luckily I had remembered the cashier’s first name from his name tag and told the customer service line all the details from our interaction. They called me back a few hours later telling me that they’re so sorry, his managers have been notified to take disciplinary action, and they’re sending me a $50 gift card as a thank you for reporting the incident!

Trying to stand up for myself more and not just accept men making me feel uncomfortable in public spaces as “ok”. Cheers to calling people out and holding them accountable 🍻

TL;DR cashier at the grocery store was leering at me and making inappropriate comments to me at night, I called into customer service the next day and let them know

EDIT: Holy shit the amount of people,(esp men, looked at a couple profiles), who are claiming that this is 100% acceptable behavior on the cashiers part 😂. Y’all need to check yourself and how you make others feel. - I am fully capable of deciding if someone is giving off a “gross vibe” or not. Whispering asking where I live while looking my body up and down while I’m in a checkout line feels fucking gross and predatory. Every woman knows what a gross vibe feels like, it’s not the same as an innocent person flirting. - sure the age difference helps but this dude was not innocently flirting smh. It was 10pm, his was the only cashier open. He purposely made checkout last a very long time(would stop and talk between scanning anything) and asked probing personal questions while I looked very uncomfortable and gave him one word answers and didn’t meet his eyes. It’s not my damn responsibility to call him out to his face, his behavior was wildly inappropriate regardless of age. - it’s funny to me that some commenters are finding this story so hard to understand this is literally something that happens all the time to women b e l i e v e w o m e n. Thank u for coming to my ted talk

EDIT #2: sort by controversial for a fun time ;) in all honestly most people on here are very kind and supportive of the situation! Thank you for all the kind words! Many people on this sub have some very incisive and great commentary!

As this post has gotten a lot of attention I've been sitting on whether or not to respond to the typical ad hominem + straw man arguments littered in the comments section: "you were going to a party and wanted attention from men", "you only didn't like him leering at you because he wasn't attractive"(whatt lol), "you're elitist and cost a man his job", "can't tell the difference between flirting and not, etc".

I have some responses reeling in my head and an itchy typing finger lol, but I've elected to not respond to any of these. These are flimsy and fallacious arguments that I see in every incel-like sub. What I wrote stands alone, and I don't have to defend myself by explaining that obviously if a younger guy stared at my tits I'd be offended too. thanks!


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