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Discouraged by eating alone at dinner in college

I typically eat most of my meals at college alone. If it’s breakfast or lunch, I really don’t mind. Everyone has different schedules, but dinner is just the worst. I’m at a small school, so there’s always a chance I’ll run into someone I know, and they’re always hanging with their group. Almost nobody eats alone at dinnertime, and people definitely judge.

I’ve thought of asking some people to eat, but most of the time it’s people I don’t know that well, and they all have people they eat with on a regular basis. It just feels horrible going to the dining hall and sitting by myself.

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You have so many options here! People love it when you cook food for/with them. If you're having trouble finding someone to hang out with, which is normal on a small campus, there's nothing wring with face-timing someone while you eat! Sometimes when I know I'll be eating dinner by myself, I take advantage of it (read a book, watch Netflix, do something relaxing), but I understand where you're coming from not wanting to do that all the time. Also, there are so many great ways to get free food that require you to not be alone! They usually have free food at networking events, or at student club meet and greets. And if you want to meet more people to eat with, consider joining some student clubs if you have time, or talking more to the people at the ones you already go to.

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