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2005 Suzuki SV650 - Starting Issues

About a week ago I was out riding with a buddy, we made a pit stop, got back on the bikes and mine wouldn't start. We were able to get it going with a quick push start and when I got home through the battery on the tinder thinking it may have been low since it had been a few weeks since the last ride.

The battery showed full charge in a few minutes much to my surprise, my first assumption was fuses / starter relay as my next guess but don't really know enough on the electrical side to do much about it.

All of the electrical seems to be working fine (head lights, signals, dash, horn, fuel primer, etc) but the bike won't turn over - it does make this odd sound which I believe I have isolated to the battery (maybe fuse) area. This is a 5 second video of the sound when trying to start from when I believe I hear it from:

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MN TC '11 FJR1300, '76 FXE, '99 FLSTF, '99 Vulcan 5001 point · 5 days ago

Battery might show good on a tender, but check it with a multimeter.

The rapid click from the starter relay is a classic sign of a low battery.

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Totally a bad battery. Just because a battery is putting out 12+ volts, does not necessarily mean its good. It's failing to supply enough current.

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Here’s a good explanation, you’ll be an expert after following these instructions.

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