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Posted byu/[deleted]3 years ago

So, when I was born into my family, everything was normal, and happy. When I learned to speak, the problems started to pop.... I was always embarrasing myself and my family. Flash forward to when I was 10. I hit on my french teacher somehow. I don't know how this ever happened but it is horrible.

Flashback to summer '04. I am eight years of age. Somehow, at my nana's, I start hanging out with a bunch of teenagers and I drop acid for the very first time. This is very illegal, I could not have consented. It was fucking spectacular. I'd never do it again but woah. Nightmares for days.

I moved to the middle of fucking nowhere when I was four years old. Middle of farm fields feigning for cow ass butt shit all over it until the stupid farmers make cows dump all obver the feild while in KKK cloaks. Fuck those cows. I hate farmers.

Now, that's not the only thing. All over my street there were no kids my age, causing me to be extremely antisocial and only sparingly go to birthday parties, hangovers, sleep-outs and the like. So one time in SK I pantsed a girl, so yeah, I was definitely autistic.

That's all from me. Oh wait. Forgot something.

In my first year of high school, I was literally beat up by those two kids who were the only ones in the academic math classes. You know, those ugly-ass nerds who use their lunches to figure out who to vomit their self-hatred on with computers while that weird vice principal looks at their ebay history of nothing but rape drugs?

Yeah. I got beat up by 4chan activists. Which is hard to do, and even harder to have bruises from.

Have a nice Tuesday

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