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30M ready to make new friends online and offline

Howdy~I found this sub from my front page and after suffering through some anxiety, I've decided it wouldn't hurt to post. I'm a software developer out of southwest VA (not south West Virginia) finding a veritable lack in my social life as of late. All but one of my RL friends has moved away/lost touch and he's planning to move to CO soon so that's going to suck. I'd be down to meet new people in the area as long as they are not heavy into hard drugs. I'm always open to making new friends online as well...I've got a few that have stuck with me over the years and they are treasured immensely and I'd love to be able to add more to that circle.

Some more about me (and not what I'm looking for): I've been playing video games since my cousins gave me their hand-me-down NES back in...I don't know? '95? So I've played anything and everything from Tecmo Bowl to Fallout76. I'll play just about everything under the sun except maybe puzzle games (not enough action for me). I will say that I generally tend to avoid competitive games as I strongly dislike angry me (think Jekyll & Hyde) so having a friend that shares an interest in some laid-back games would be great. Classic WoW, which is due to be released next summer, is probably my most anticipated game (re-release?) right now.

I've read dozens of manga and watched hundreds of anime over the years (a recent acquisition of mine was the Claymore box set). I love me some live music and am planning on attending Rockville 2019 again this year with that line-up containing several artists on my live-music-bucket-list. I'm also anxiously awaiting potential disappointment of Daft Punk never doing a tour again (I wasn't into live music during Alive 2007, sadly). I've recently bought a home gym to get my fitness fix but my penchant for craft beer has offset most of what I could accomplish with weightlifting :joy:. I use to be into hiking as well but the group that I hiked with all moved :(

In any case, feel free to message me if you're interested in getting to know me! I hope you find what you're looking for even if you aren't interested.

P.S. this sub moves pretty fast with new posts so a preliminary "rip" is in order.


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I’m not into gaming yet. I’ve got a bit of an obsessive personality, I know I’ll be hooked with the first game and disappear from the world for days or weeks, so I’m putting that off. I do love manga and anime, so I got to ask: sub or dub? It’s a question that can start wars lol. I’ve since gotten into other music, but my core is still made of rock and metal. Korn, man no one could outsing JD. Disturbed, Cradle of Filth, Linkin Park. I recently found a stack of old metal magazines and it was like going back in time. I’d love to catch up on what’s new. Oh yeah, I’m 30f from NY and I’ve got other interests but my fingers are tired.

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Oh, man. I'm fairly certain my relationship with gaming could be considered borderline addiction :joy: though it hasn't caused me issues other than my family not understanding my hobby. As for sub vs. dub, I'll usually air on the side of sub but there are some especially good dubs out there (read: Hellsing (read: Crispin Freeman)). I generally like not being able to tell good VAing from bad VAing so I usually stick to sub if it's available. I may check out the dub of One Punch Man just for giggles at some point. Seems like our music tastes mesh well though I've only heard mention of Cradle of Filth, never listened to them personally.

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rip fam

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