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Posted by+13 Karma5 days ago

[PS4] H: FLASH SALE - Legendary Weapons, Armor, Plans, Recipes / W: 750 caps for all

1* lvl40 Anti-Armor Gatling Plasma

1* lvl35 Berserker's Pool Cue

1* lvl45 Executioners Pump Action Shotgun

1* lvl40 Furious LMG

1* lvl45 Hunters Meat Hook

2* lvl40 Instigating Lead Pipe (40% more power attack damage)

1* lvl35 Nocturnal Guitar Sword

1* lvl35 Troubleshooters Spear

1* lvl35 Vampires M79 Grenade Launcher

1* lvl40 Bolstering Combat Armor Right Arm

1* lvl35 Bolstering Trapper Left Leg

1* lvl40 Chameleon Leather Right Arm

1* lvl35 Exterminators Wood Right Arm

1* lvl45 Hunters Marine Armor Chest

2* lvl40 Mutants Robot Left Arm (Increases AP refresh speed)

1* lvl35 Mutants Trapper Left Arm

1* lvl50 Mutants Treated Leather Right Arm

1* lvl40 Nocturnal Robot Right Arm

1* lvl40 Troubleshooters Leather Left Leg

1* lvl35 Weightless Raider Right Leg

1* lvl35 Weightless Wood Chest

And around 30 to 40 Plans/Recipes to go with it

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Ok I'll take it

level 2
+13 KarmaOriginal Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Sounds good. My PSN is Mafiabrett, add me and MSG when the server maintenance is finished

level 3

Ok cool

level 4
+10 Karma1 point · 5 days ago

Blob I will buy that Chameleons arm off you

level 4
+13 KarmaOriginal Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Im off to bed for tonight, if you still want everything make sure to MSG or FR me tomorrow

level 5

How do you make a direct chat here on Reddit? Sorry I'm new

level 6
+13 KarmaOriginal Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Ill send you a pm but reminder, mods here like for us to do trades in our posts

level 7

yeah no prob

level 8

btw im staring a large shop if you want to join i have SO many legendaries and I need to get rid of them... bet you feel the same

level 1

Save it for me would ya

level 1

Still selling lmg ?

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