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Season 1 Parallel Colby and Lawyer [Spoilers S1E9]


In rewatching season 1 I noticed that when Angela goes back to the law office to inquire about helping with the Colby case the head lawyer at the firm says she can't work there "not at this level for what we're trying to do" which is pretty much verbatim what Colby said to Elliot when he booted Angela from the hack meeting.

To me this scene really starts to explain Angela's eventual disillusionment with pursuing justice the traditional way.

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Nayyar really treats Angela like shit, despite Angela pretty much giving her the whole new Washington Township case

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This was a double edged sword because the WTP case impacts on Price, her personal client. She would have had to consult with Price before she took it on. Similarly Colby had to consult with Price and as a result called Angela back (via Nayyar) and agreed to be star witness. Colby had to have got Price's blessing to do this.

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Where are you getting Price as a client of Nayyar's from? She opposed ECorp in the 1995 suit and the 2015 one.

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2 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Angela's benefactor is Nayyar's client. The money goes through her office. That is how it is kept anonymous. It is no accident that no other lawyers will touch the case.

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Ooh, good point. I haven't gotten to that part of my rewatch.

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They both had ulterior motives. Colby's motive was to make sure Elliot incriminated him. The lawyer's motive was to keep Angela out of the office so Angela would not find out who her anonymous benefactor was.

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I don't think Colby tried to incriminate himself. Whiterose explicitly calls out Elliot's targeting of Colby as a distraction that delayed her plans in her meeting with him in 1x08, and it created the opportunity for Angela to get him onboard the Washington Township suit, which was a threat to her.

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2 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Elliot targeted Colby because it was Mr.Robot's admission test for joining fsociety. Elliot was not sure he even wanted to join fsociety. Mr.Robot's taunts about Elliot being a 0 and not a 1 fell flat on Elliot because he had his cyber-Batman operation already. Elliot was intrigued, but he needed an extra push to incriminate Colby and pass Mr.Robot's test. We know this because Elliot brought two CD's to the meeting and was intending to hand over the other. Colby himself provided that push. wh1ter0se does not run this show.

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Sure, but you're saying Colby was motivated to have Elliot incriminate him? How would Colby come to that motivation, if not through Whiterose via Price? And if he's only being sexist to piss Elliot off, why does he harass Angela again when she comes to him with her offer?

You do make a good point that Angela could have learned of her parentage if Price and Emily's time as colleagues came up during the suit, but again I don't understand why Nayyar would choose to cover that up.

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Look at who has benefited the most from this whole charade. Colby is now the Last Honest Man and can make a bid for President. Price will of course support Colby. Colby can out-Trump Trump. (This is why Trump is part of the show.) Then the secrecy of the WTP is assured. Everyone is fighting to keep the WTP secret from the Feds. If the Feds knew what happens there they would close it down. With Colby as President secrecy is assured.

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I do love this theory. But I think we'd have to underestimate Colby a lot for it to make sense.

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Yes, and that is the whole point. Everyone has underestimated Colby. Colby invites underestimation.

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Whiterose2 points · 5 days ago

How are you making these conclusions? I understand Price knowing it would happen cause he says in season 3 he allowed all of that to happen but Colby has many lines in the show that contradict your theory.

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Well Colby is not going to confirm it, is he ?

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