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I need some help, i was smoking on Monday with some couple Of people , and they had. Pipe and all and I'm asking them what is it and they saying its crack I'm like watever ok anyways so I started smoking and smoking, I couldn't sleep for none At all I couldn't eat none, so we started smoking all afternoon till Tuesday night , around 2 am on wenesday I slept and got up around 9 in the moring , so I got up and took a shower and I still couldn't eat so I pushed my self to eat a little bit and to drink some water.. So wenesday afternoon around 5 pm we was all chilling together so now I'm thinking I know my self i can stop anytime so anyways I do it I smoked again , all night long till 12 on Thursday so I couldn't do It anymore I took a little hit I was like I'm tired my legs are like WEAK!! So I went in the room and layed down not sleep but laying down so I called one of my buddy's talking to them anyways , some how I feel Asleep I know I seen the time it was almost 2 after noon on Thursday , I got up around 4. So now this girl wants to Go to store that was with us there and she goes did you know what u smoked ? I'm like ha yeah crack , she goes no really do u I'm Like yeah why ? She goes cause it's not crack it's METH ..! I'm like Huh nah so now I'm all stressed and now I'm Asking her is anything gonna happen to me now like my face and she goes no cause it's your first time and you only did it 2 Times and all now I come back and go to the bathroom and go on goggle and check it out nope none back so I'm like Ima take A shower so I did , and all the way it said there about eating and drinking and I'm doing all that !!! But NOW I WANT TO KNOW IS THERE ANYTHING GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME OR MY FACE SINCE ITS MY FIRST TIME WHICH I DIDNT KNOW THAT WAS METH THOUGHT IT WAS CRACK STILL BAD FOR YOUR TEETH BUT NOT FACE!!

But now please can somebody tell me something !! I'm all stressed and twinkling a little eyes burry like I feel somebody is there but nobody is there !! But I'm pushing my self to keep on eating and everything and drinking a lot of water !! So Please write Your comment back !!! I need help thank u

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When OP "accidentally" makes a mistake I'm their title for the sake of funny responded and a shot at front page status.

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