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If you are unfamiliar with my story or are not caught up with the updates, check out my post history:

I came in early to the Sunday Service to meet with the Pastor and discuss what will be taking place and what should be done. He told me to sit in the front row where he would later call me forward after "warming" up the Congregation. He also advised I say nothing since that could be counterproductive and he should do all the talking. As I sat there waiting, contemplating the many scenarios, people started to walk in. They immediately recognized me and it got really uncomfortable when those that usually sit at the front were caught off guard by me taking up their space. They sat down as "good" Christians would without making a scene and left about two spaces in between me and them. Once it seemed the Church was full, the Pastor began the introduction as usual.

After the intro, he briefly touched on kindness and fairness to your fellow man, especially neighbor. That is when he called me up and said something along the lines of, "This man, this shopkeeper, has done us no harm. He lived here for a couple of years and many of you frequented his business. Everything was fine as you believed he was just like you, a good Christian. But why is it that, upon discovering his struggle with faith, you avoid and act as though he doesn't exist? Why is it that his business was intentionally damaged? Why is it you not embrace him further and guide him back to God's light? We don't condemn our neighbor! We act as an example to both Christians and Non-Christians....... Please overlook this man's shortcomings and treat him as he deserves. Do not protest against his shop, but rather purchase from it if you have a need to, as you have done in the past. This isn't how we behave as a people."

During his talk, I observed the Congregation's facial expressions and most were receptive and even seemed guilty to an extent. But there were a handful that had their chin up with pride, piercing through my eyes with a cold stare. I knew then, that these were the ones that would never change. They made up their minds on how to view the world a long time ago. It was deeply unsettling but I focused on the majority. After the Service, there were several people who came up and actually apologized on behalf of everyone else! I was taken aback and could barely get out a "thank you." It seemed that was the perfect moment those who were just going along with it had a chance to speak up, while the more hardcore ones hadn't changed one bit and walked out abruptly.

My shop is still boarded up and i don't plan on staying put any longer. I will settle some affairs, and sell the carpet cleaning equipment (not everyone hates good business) and move soon, probably to New York like some of you have suggested. I need some fresh air and new scenery, new atmosphere. There's nothing left for me here. Thank you for following my story, this may or may not be the final update.

TL;DR: Preacher spoke on my behalf and was convincing enough to where some folks apologized to me. Some were still cagey and seemed unfazed by the Sermon. I will prepare to move and go forward in life.

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I miss Douglas Adams. He'd be alive today if he hadn't died.

Wikipedia even sites one of his characters, one I was just thinking of:

Oolon Colluphid is the author of the "trilogy of philosophical blockbusters" entitled Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes and Who is this God Person Anyway?. He later used the Babel Fish argument as a basis for a fourth book, titled Well, That About Wraps It Up For God.


I wanted to thank the contributors of this community to really helping me understand my feelings towards religion and to helping me make sense of my thoughts.

I have been on this side of things for going on 6 years or so now since I've called into question my brain washed upbringing. I broke my reality, needed it. I questioned my own truths. Questioned life, what a god would mean, what creation would mean.

I went to nihilism and back. I lived to tell the tale.

But now, it's time for me to unsub. Long ago now I came to terms with everything, I stayed to vindicate my own thoughts and find rational arguments and I've done it.

I dont want to argue with them anymore, I dont want to disprove anyone anymore. I dont care about them or religion any longer. It simply doesn't play a factor in my day to day life. I will always go with the rational logical loving answers.

To all the newcomers, welcome. You have a long, arduous journey. Seek nothing but truths. These are the true freedom you seek. Come to terms with death. All good things come to an end. You're going to cry, you're going to be angry, you're going to be bitter. That's ok. Feel it deeply and real. Assess yourself.

You are all worthy, you are all amazing, life is beautiful regardless of not having been a divine creation. One might surmise it is indeed even more amazing that you popped up out of heat, billions of years of cooking, evolution and the magic of cellular reproduction.

Now, can anyone point in the me direction of some bombass subs to gain some sick ass knowledge.


So #wheniwasmuslim is a thing on Twitter for ex Muslims. Of course it's getting a lot of hate from current Muslims. Calling it Islamophobic. Please go send it some love. All the comments about the tag being stupid have more likes than the people who escaped Islam.


I tried to protect children from sexual abuse.

This video is dedicated to the victims of inappropriate and abusive youth interviews and to Sam Young and all those who have the courage to speak out!

Lastly, I’d like to dedicate future peaceful protest endeavors to Dallin Oaks, a man who is ready to turn a blind eye to those who suffer. A leader, unafraid to get his hands dirty with the blood and tears of innocent Mormon children.

Edit to add: I left BYU 10 years ago. I was banned from church property in September. The Kirton McConkie letter is in the video.

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Ezekiel 16:49 "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy."

The Bible says that sodom and gomorrah was destroyed for being arrogant, overfed and refusing to care for the poor and needy. Of course Christians twist the story to hate on gays.... otherwise they would have to do some introspection and realize the people in the story were destroyed for being just like them.


Hello /r/atheism!

I am a longtime Catholic. I never really questioned my faith, until the other day. I was in a History lecture, learning about the printing press when it was invented by Johannes Gutenberg back in the Renaissance days. I didn't really think much about it until my teacher talked about how the part of the Church hated it. Gutenberg invented the press to make many copies of the Bible at once. Wondering why the Church hated the mass production of the Bible, I asked why. My teacher described that the easier accessibility to books allowed more people to read and understand the Bible.

Well, what's wrong with being able to read the Bible?

For starters, the Church used to call heresy towards peasants if they didn't obey any rules in society. Anybody who was deemed as a heretic would most likely be burned at the stake. If the Church didn't like you, they would burn you at stake, no questions asked. They would use "passages" from the Bible as an excuse (even if the real Bible didn't have said passages) to kill you.

So since peasants had easier access towards books and reading, they could call bullshit towards these fake accusations. The Church did not like this at all, because they couldn't have their way.

Learning about this, I started to question my own faith for the first time. I never really thought much about my religion. I started to realize that I've been living my life based on what the faith tells me to do, not what I really think down inside. If the Church didn't want me to do certain things, then why did God make me with a different set of morals? Why should an organized establishment control what I do and don't do in my life? Why did my parents tell me to believe in things like Santa when I was a child, only to find out he's fake later in my life, yet I'm to believe that a higher figure is controlling my life?

I've prayed many times in the past in many events, but nothing has happened. I've tried to search for God, but no answers. I've prayed for good grades, a healthy life, and many other specific things, yet no results have come. Why should I rely on an idea created by a powerful organization to live a successful life?

I never really questioned my faith, but now there's just so many questions and not many answers. Any ex-Catholics/Christians of Reddit, what sparked you to become Atheist?


The family member that passed away was a baptist, and needless to say it was mostly about god. The pastor said maybe four sentences about my loved one, and the other twenty minutes was that he's up in heaven and the only way that I can see him again is to repent and give myself to Jesus Christ because he is the only way to heaven. I hate hearing "you'll see him again" because I really won't. Heaven doesn't exist.If the only consolation that you have for me is that I'll see him again, then that's fucking disappointing.

I hate when you go to funerals they try to sell you God and religion. I am trying to remember him and celebrate his life, not convert to Baptism. He even went as far as saying "If you don't know if you're saved, talk to me later and I can teach you the word of god."

You fucking idiot. I am mourning my Great Grandfather and you're trying to preach to me about how i should be a Christian? It honestly really sickens me.

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