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Controller for drone autopilot?

I'm trying to build a full autopilot which would be controlled by an onboard RaspberryPI (probably Pi Zero W). The PI would initiate liftoff, mission/flight path and landing. Micromanagement should be done by controller. I'd expect the controller to:

  1. provide telemetry / gps back to the PI

  2. maintain certain height from the ground

  3. perform obstacle avoidance using video/sonar ( so should accept sensor input) at least in one direction (preferably all around).

  4. connect to PI using wires (preferably).

  5. Support 4/6/8 - copters

Question is, which controllers are available to let me achieve this?

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I have a really similar question, look at the post from yesterday about rasperry, it could help you out a bit(r/drones):

The naze32 supports adding gps, has a barometer (for the height, it is pretty accurate) and is pretty much compatible with rasperry, I think the pi should do the sensor stuff and give the commands to the controller. Gps is supported but must be bought separately, and the Waze is probably the best way to go (also pretty cheap)

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

wow, lots of similarities with what I was looking for!

I would like to put obstacle avoidance to the FC and not he Pi.

How can Pi setup/modify flight paths on Naze or Waze?

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I don't think a normal flight controller can do such complicated things. If you are aiming for a microcontroller that is able to fly around obstacles, you would have to look into fc's with integrated autopilot functions and so on. (Only as far as I know)

And for your question:

The naze32 is based on multiwii so there should be no "big" problems

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

What i learned from different forums is that ArduPilot is capable to perform obstacle avoidance, if the sensor is connected.

And there looks like a lots of boards that are equipped with input ports.

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Yes it certainly is, but it only has 8-bit instead of 32 like the most, making it much slower.

There are boards with inputs, but how are you gonna program the avoidance

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