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Posted by2011 XLT V6 4x4, 5-speed manual5 days ago

Battery recommendations

So, I'm going to need a new battery soon. It looks like I need a size 58 or 59, but I'd prefer the 59 because of the slightly higher cold cranking amps they tend to have. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on what brand to get? It needs to do well in the winter.

Around where I am now, I have AutoZone (Duralast Gold), O'Reilly's (Super Start), NAPA (NAPA Legend Professional), Advance Auto Parts (AutoCraft Silver) and there's also Walmart (EverStart), although I'd prefer to avoid a Walmart-brand battery.

They are all 590CCA, with the exception of the Duralast Gold, which is 610CCA.

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2001 4.0L XLT 4x4. 31 spline torsen 8.81 point · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

I'm running a Northstar AGM battery and I love it. 880 CCA and it powers my mobile VHF radio, 10,000lbs winch, Dometic 50L refrigerator, and a bunch of lights with no issues.

Another great brand is the Odyssey Extreme series batteries.

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2011 XLT V6 4x4, 5-speed manualOriginal Poster2 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

I don't think there's anywhere around here that sells either of those brands. I guess I could order one?

EDIT: Northstar has none in the size I need, also they're located in California (halfway across the country from me). Odyssey also only has one dealer in the state that I'm currently in, and nowhere near me.

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2001 4.0L XLT 4x4. 31 spline torsen 8.81 point · 5 days ago

I'm not even in the USA and can get either, that's kinda strange. Those are the two biggest names currently for battery manufacturers in the North American overlanding scene so they are available, you just gotta find em.

Regardless it sucks because if you're looking for a quality battery those two manufacturer's deliver a quality product.

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I think there’s a reason a lot of people get optima red tops

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