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2080 Ti support brace and psu

So out of some dumb luck I won a local lottery for $1,700 and managed to get my hands on a new 2080 Ti FTW3, was previously using a 1050 Ti. it got here yesterday and I put it in, the performance difference is awe-inspiring, since I play on dual 165hz 1440p monitors. I noticed it uses 3 slots which makes sense considering how bulky it is. I am a bit worried about it sagging in the future though, was wondering if I am being paranoid or if investing in a brace now is a good idea, if so, which braces would you guys recommend?

Also I have a 700w psu, I am kind of worried whether or not it's just barely enough for standard clocking. I also have 32gigs of ddr4 2666, 3 tb hdd, 240gg ssd, i7-8700k coffee lake, and about 5 120mm fans. Is 700w enough for that kind of setup?

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