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What do you guys think the six friends do while they're not on the screen? Obviously they work, sleep, eat, grocery shop, sleep around, and whatnot.

But what else do you guys think they do off-screen that we don't see on the small screen? Do they even see each other every single days, or do they get together just 2-3 times a week while the other 3-4 days they're alone? etc etc

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I can only assume it was something to do with university, as Carol is a teacher and Ross a paleontologist, so they both needed a degree. Anyone have any insight or theories?


During my rewatch I realized Monica and Chandler got married May 2001. Rachel knew she was pregnant a couple of days before the wedding. Emma was born May 2002.


I am one of the many fans of friends that is still hoping for them to make a reunion and that glimmer of hope still shines as bright as today. Ive seen many interviews with the cast saying how some of them would love to get back on doing the reunion but others wouldnt think of it as a good idea since 'no one would like to see a bunch of 50 year olds' having adult problems like they used to when they were younger.

I have seen a bunch of ideas for the show itself like having Joey as the main guy getting married at last for them to get back with a reunion. And having a few episodes to do so. Everyone's ideas were great but this is what I had in mind.

I'd actually prefer it to be 1 big movie. The title could be either Friends: The One With the Reunion or Friends: The Movie (which i prefer cuz its shorter and simpler).

But the thing is, the main plot does not and I mean DOES NOT revolve around the 6 iconic friends. Because I agree wholeheartedly with Matt LeBlanc that no one wouldnt watch a bunch of 50 yr olds with the same problems so why dont we just adjust and give the problems back to the youngsters.

Anyway, the plot revolves around this guy who we shall name John as of now (obviously can be changed) who is working as a newly licensed stock broker who plans to live with his girlfriend in NYC because thats where wall street is and they are planning to look for a place (an appartment) to stay.

So its a Saturday night and it starts with John and his gf having a great time in a formal restaurant. John talking about how he finally passed the licensure exams to be a stock broker. Both of them having a great mini chat and then suddenly John shows her something. A diamond ring while saying the words "Emma, will you marry me?" After that Emma cries of joy and happily agrees. The emotions would then catch up with them especially with Emma stating that for so long she had never felt happier. She would babble about how her parents' divorce made her deppressed her entire life and that John was the only one who made her happy. John saw the tears in her eyes as she told him that her 1 wish would just to see her parents together again for her wedding. That nothing could make her any happier than that. She tells John that her parents were fighting about who would get custody of her when she got a little bigger around the age of 7. She didn't understand why her parents kept on fighting and even questioned if their history together was a mess or not. She eventually ended up with her mom who paid for her tuition and college because "dad got broke." This made Emma angry at her dad a bit the rest of her life. In the middle of hugging Emma to comfort her, John hears a ring from his phone and tells Emma that he just needed a sec to answer the call. The scene ends with John settling with an agreement with a client in the stock business hence, making a decision with Emma that they would fly to NYC together and look for a place to stay there for his job.

So the whole movie basically revolves around John trying to get both Emma's parents to attend their wedding. This starts when John and Emma arrives in NYC to look for an apartment. They eventually settled with the empty apartment Monica had years ago.

Going back to John, the client who called earlier in their date happens to be Ross who needed a stock broker for his investments since he has been going through a rough time financially and needed assistance. After realizing that he was Emma's father, John decided that its best to keep it a secret first that hes sleeping with his daughter since fyi Emma is also kind of mad at her father. So most of John and Ross' interaction in the movie would be them talking about Ross' investments and how John would subtly learn more about their family by spending time with him.

John then throughout most of the movie would try to figure out a way to get both of the parents together in the wedding and not just invite them for one night but rather get both of them together again as it would make Emma really happy and to also get her to forgive his father. He takes everystep lightly and carefully while maintaining a good relationship with his clients.

Eventually he'd visit central perk for the 1st time just so he could relax after his 1st day at work. While ordering coffee, John notices 1 particular picture on the wall. 6 friends, 3 guys and 3 girls sitting in that same sofa in front of him, all smiling and laughing together. He noticed that 1 guy looked like his client Ross. He then asked the bartender if he knew who they were. Sadly, he doesnt know. John felt a little dismayed but right after he was about to leave, he hears someone say "I know who they are." He turns around to see an old blonde short haired guy. (Who is obviously Gunther btw). Gunther tells him that he used to work in this place before he finally became the owner and that he knew those 6 like he never knew anyone before. John then asked about the names and whereabouts hoping that these friends would help him persuade Ross and Rachel into the wedding and hopefully too that he would help them get back together for Emma. Gunther only then reveals where Joey is currently staying since he never heard of the rest of the gang again. Gunther said that after an unsuccessful acting career, Joey left hollywood to go back to his apartment in NYC.

Upon learning that Joey was just living just across their room and he never noticed, John runs to their apartment only to find out that no one is in the room Joey was supposed to be in. As he felt dismayed, John walks to their room to tell his gf what he learned today only to see Joey and Emma sharing laughs at each other while watching tv. This could fill in a good scene where Joey tells Emma that its been a long time since he saw her etc. Joey tells them about the gang and how they havent seen each other together for a long time. Emma then tells John that she would want to invite the 6 friends to their wedding. Overjoyed, Joey agrees on helping them by telling them the whereabouts of Phoebe and her husband Mike. Then eventually, Chandler and Monica.

The rest of the movie goes on and on about John trying to balance looking to get the gang back together (most importantly getting Emma's parents back together on good terms) as well as conflicts with his job not being prioritized much. These things also messes with his relationship with Emma at one point wherein they had a big fight.

The last part would obviously be the wedding wherein the 6 friends would see each other once again for the first time in years. The emotion would be so high that Rachel and Ross would forgive each other again and decided to get back together when they saw how much John loved their daughter as Emma goes up the aisle crying as well as John also tearing up looking at her.

Emma would then forgive her dad Ross even before he explains to her that he was broke because he tried to invest in stocks for her college but ended up losing a lot of money in frustration. Thats why he got John as a broker to aid him so he wouldnt make a mistake again.

It pretty much ends in a good way and that idk how this movie will specifically end but I hope it ends really well.

Edit: (The after credits scene could be Ross and Rachel finally getting married again and is seen kissing after saying their vows. The camera then shows the people invited at the wedding and it would include almost everyone in the series like Pete (Jon Favreu), Cole Sprouse as Ben, Janice, Richard, Hell if they wanna put brad pitt then why not hahaha)


I know the characters do and say things that are hurtful to certain people groups (LGBTQ, heavy people, etc.) and the things that happen on the show wouldn’t fly today. We still laugh anyway, only sometimes feeling uncomfortable about it. We forgive the creators and writers and cast because it’s such a fantastic show outside of all that.

But sometimes this behavior comes from a place that makes no sense. For instance, Phoebe’s reaction to Danny Devito’s stripping. She is not at all shy about telling him that someone his age/physique isn’t attractive to her and she doesn’t even want to pay him, even after he tells her he’s traveled a long way to get there.

Phoebe’s character is one that celebrates people’s differences. Yes, she objectifies men just like the other girls do. But she’s often the voice of compassion on the show. I know she was excited to have a stripper at her bachelorette party but the behavior just didn’t suit her at all.

And while it kind of perfectly suits Chandler’s personality earlier on, I also hate how he makes fat jokes about Monica in the present—knowing that his first fat comment bothered her so much that it made her change her whole life to please him.

I know it’s unrealistic for a sitcom to be welcoming of all body types. But when a character makes a joke or comment about the way someone looks, it should fit the personality of the character.


I’ve watched the entire Friends series numerous times. I own all of the seasons on DVD but normally watch on Netflix because it’s more convenient. I’ve noticed that there are scenes on the DVDs that have been cut from the series on Netflix. Has anyone else noticed this?


This Susan moment always annoys me when I watch it. She asks a dumb question about the skull - “What does it look like?” and Ross gives a reasonable answer - “Kinda like a big head with no skin”. Susan responds sarcastically - “Yes, I’m familiar with the concept.”. She’s quite condescending in her response and I always feel like she has no right to be, considering she asked a stupid question in the first place. If you were familiar with the concept, why did you ask what the skull looks like?

And... breathe. 😄


This might have already been pointed out, but i was just rewatching Friends and noticed that in Season 2 Episode 3, he talks about this girl who has a big Adam's apple whereas in season 7 episode 14 he says Joey's apple (named after each individual). It kind of became annoying how dumb they made him look as the series progressed.


The show makes a large plot point out of Ross's humiliation and insecurity stemming from his first divorce. I think the humiliation and insecurity would have been more severe, had Carol left Ross for another man.

I mean, think about it. She realized she was a lesbian; there was nothing anybody could do. She could have been married to Ryan Reynolds and she still would have left him. It's tough luck, sure, but nothing could have been done to prevent this. None of it was Ross's fault.

Now if Carol had left Ross for another guy, it would have been a different story. Maybe something was wrong with Ross's personality. Maybe, if he had behaved differently, he would still be married to Carol. Maybe it could have been prevented somehow. The thought of this would be killing Ross with his neurotic personality.

Anyway, just my two cents, I wonder if any of you guys feel the same way.


Im fine I guess?


if you know you know

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