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What Happened? ECA, which is the parent company behind 70 for-profit schools, has shut down. By all accounts this was due to a number of its programs losing accreditation. No accreditation = no federal student loan money. No federal student loan money = no revenue for the school. This is basically the same thing that killed ITT Tech.

What's this mean for my classes? Schools that close abruptly like this often conduct a "teachout," in which they shutter but finish existing programs, or to coordinate with another school to transfer credits. Unfortunately it appears that ECA has done neither of these.

That does not mean students can't attempt to transfer on their own. No, that isn't something we can help with. The end result of a transfer is going to be up to the body you transfer your credits into and how they accept them.

I'm thousands of dollars in debt what the hell? Yes, that's the problem when this happens. The Dept. of Education does have a potential remedy for this if your debt is from federal student loans. In situations like this it is possible for loans to be discharged. You can read up on that here.

Bear in mind, if you successfully transfer you will not be able to discharge your loan debt.

Unfortunately there's less recourse if you paid in cash or were using alternate financing.

But what about bankruptcy? Private student loans can be discharged via bankruptcy, though the standard to do so is higher than other debts.

What about my transcripts/diploma/educational records? Department of Ed will appoint a custodian for these. Who that is will depend on which of the 70-odd ECA schools you attended. Often it's a state department of education.

Can I sue ECA? While yes, in that folks can sue for anything, and some students saw mixed success legally during ITT Tech's closing, looking for the Department of Education's response is probably a better bet at the moment.

And bear in mind, a school shuttering because it has no more revenue may not have assets to pursue.

Things to avoid "Debt fixer" services. These are virtually always scammy and in the case of federal loans doing nothing you can't do by filling out some forms.

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My truck (‘87 beater, not worth much but very important to me as a spent a lot of time fixing it up) was stolen in mid October. I immediately filed a police report and checked back in several times with the police for updates, but was told if any tow yard received it the police would know and would notify me.

Fast forward to last Friday, I receive a call from the police saying my truck was recovered... On November 1! Six weeks prior! From my conversation with the very apologetic dispatcher, it seems like they messed up and forgot to notify when it was found, but never admitted to that explicitly.

I called the lot it was sent to, and was informed that per their policy the vehicle was held for 29 days and then sold at auction. A later phone called revealed it was sold on nov 24, after only 23 days, which I would think is illegal. Apparently the towing company sends a letter to your address, but I had just moved out of my old place not 2 weeks prior to the theft and heard nothing. I had no idea it had even been recovered!

All I really want is my truck back, which I don’t think will happen, but all of this just seems wrong to me. Am I entitled to compensation? And from whom? The towing company sold it before it’s stated 29-day policy, but the police made no effort to contact me. Do I have legal recourse here?

I have tried to speak with police but cannot get in touch with their “complaint hotline” until tomorrow. Same situation with the towing company. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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When I got to work yesterday I was surprised by a $0 paycheck. Apparently our taxes haven't been done right since 2015. They were just audited. Here's the note that was attached and my lovely paycheck . This only affected the servers. This is only my part time job, so I'm out about $100. Some of the servers though had worked over time and had $500+ checks that were zeroed. We were given no notice, and were informed that the people who had worked the most hours this year would miss another check. Is this legal? Can we do anything about this?

Edited: add location Edited to add: We give our manager a sheet after each shift showing exactly how much in tips we made. They do the claiming for us. I talked to one of the owners, she was unaware that claiming 8% of sales was wrong and that she's been doing that for 30 years. It looks like this whole thing isn't illegal, just really shitty timing and poorly executed.


Not sure on where this should be legally handled. I was in school in Colorado, but my legal address was my parents house in Indiana at the time. The scholarship fund is based in Texas I believe.

My first year at a private university, I was awarded a scholarship from a private scholarship fund for $2.5k. I filled out paperwork with my university that I accepted it and that should be considered on my financial aid need decision made by the school. I also filled out paperwork with the scholarship fund stating that I would use the money only for school-related costs. Well fast forward a couple of months and I’m wondering where the check is. I’d been adamant to my parents to let me know right away when the check came. There was a school break and so I went home and it’d been longer than I expected for the check to come. I started calling the scholarship fund quite often; they told me the check had been mailed weeks ago. Finally after a few calls, I talked to their finance department who told me the check had been cashed. I confronted my parents and they denied cashing any check. I told the scholarship fund and during my last phone call with them they told me they were forwarding me to their legal team and were ready to take action. I never talked to them again, too scared at the time. I went back to school and kept confronting my parents and they finally said something like “we do alot for you I’m sure it all evens out in the end” (by the way they gave me $0 for school between then and now). My mom also said something like “oh yes I do remember a check..” I started emailing them records and payments of their lack of payment and how I’d been buying everything I needed. So when the tuition bill came that quarter, I told them I needed that scholarship money, the school is expecting it, and they told me something along the lines of “you need to stop having so much fun and start working harder to pay for school.” (I had a job at the time but had to get another one because of this.) So I had to scramble to pay the $2.5k which is a whole other story.

TL;DR my parents cashed a $2.5k private scholarship check in my name mailed to their house while I was in my first year of college about 3 years ago.

Now that I’m out of school, I want to see what I can do. I was scared I didn’t have enough money to pay for legal fees and also not enough time with school and jobs. But now I do. Can I sue them? Could I actually get any money back since it was supposed to be for school? Should the scholarship fund be the one that gets money back?

I just want to know my options, I haven’t decided if I actually want to take legal actions against my parents.

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My wife passed away on August and my daughter has been having weekly meetings with her school counselor since the start of the school year. Talking to her has been helpful as far as I could tell and I figured it would be good for her to have an adult female role model who she could relate to since her mother is gone now. I have expressed my gratitude to this woman many times before. As it turns out, on Wednesday night I grabbed my daughter’s phone and found out she has been sexting and sending nudes to some guy who is clearly taking advantage of her being depressed to get what he wants from her. I talked to my daughter about how this was unacceptable and how she lost her phone privileges and gave her one of those “text and call only” cheap phones. She is a 15 yo freshman and this guy is a 18 yo senior btw.

The issue:

On Friday I received a call from my daughter’s counselor telling me she was going to report me to CPS on Monday for having “invaded her privacy” and “impeded her sexual development” unless I gave back my daughter’s phone and stopped intruding in her personal life (LOL what?). Is this something I should be worried about? I’m already looking up the process to transfer her to another school ASAP but can I really get in trouble for this? I feel it is absolutely my right as a parent to see who my daughter is texting and what about, and to shut that down as I see fit.

As a side note, can I somehow fuck up the creeper taking advantage of my daughter? He was completely manipulating my daughter by being all like “I’m so sorry that must be horrible... show me ur tits babe.” I still have the phone and all the texts on it. I don’t want to hand it to the cops because my daughter’s nudes are on it obviously, can I delete them and just present the texts as proof or do I need to keep the pictures to build a case against him?

Oh, and this is in VT.


This was a month ago, in Texas. I went out with friends, had way too much to drink and wanted to Uber home and leave my car. My friends acting in good faith didn’t want for me to leave my car so far from home, since I had to work the next day. I don’t even hardly remember getting into my car, my friend says he had to help me. I was in the passenger seat, he was driving, he was intoxicated but not as bad as I was. I never said you could drive me, this was his decision. Two other cars with friends were following behind. At some point he veered into the next lane and struck a car. No one was injured in either car. He pulled over and spoke with the other driver. I was passed out in the passenger seat. The other friends stopped their cars, to check on us. He was afraid he would be arrested for DUI, so he got into another car and left.

His girlfriend was not intoxicated, she was in the car he drove off in and she stayed with me and waited for the police to arrive, then told the police that she was driving my car. The driver of the other vehicle in the accident told the police that she was not the driver, that I was also not the driver, but that another guy was and he left in another car. The police officers questioned me, I was too drunk to give an answer the police determined. The girlfriend stuck to her story after being questioned. The police didn’t believe her. He drove us both to my house and didn’t arrest anyone and didn’t charge me or give me any citation. He gave her a case number and said there will be an investigation, he told her there are witnesses. The other driver gave a description

The next day I woke up, didn’t have a good recollection of the previous night’s events. I remembered being way drunk, being put into my car, then nothing, then police questioning me, and not knowing what was going on. The girlfriend of the hit and run guy drove me to the impound lot and paid the fee to take my car out. She filled me in on some details but I’m sure she’s not telling me everything.

I do not want to get into legal trouble. I was an idiot for drinking too much that night. I am responsible for my own actions, for drinking too much and putting myself in this situation. I wanted to Uber home, but was lead into their plans. Is it illegal to be a drunk passenger in my own car? Can I be sued by the other party? Now that I know a crime was committed, do I have an legal obligation to turn him into the police? If questioned I will not lie, I will tell the police what I know, rather what I’ve been told happened that night since I have no good recollection. Part of me wants to contact the police and tell them the whole story, part of me wonders if the investigation will never take off since I have not been questioned or contacted maybe I should leave it alone, let the chips fall where they may, as long as I am not in legal trouble or civil liability. What it comes down to for me is that I am not held responsible legally or financially for his hit and run or her false statement to the police.


Our house burnt down in the Woolsey Fire on Nov 9th. It has been more than 21 days and we had an exorbitant deposit on the house we were renting. The landlord did not return the deposit, we sent a registered letter almost right away demanding the deposit back, the landlord did not respond about it (wants to get details of the fire from us though). The landlord also was cited for brush clearance, a dispute with had with her, and a fireman even commented that the reason our house burnt down and no others on our street is that it is a brush clearance issue.

So the landlord probably caused our house to burnt, is not returning our deposit and we KNOW she has insurance w Loyds of London. I understand you can get up to 3 x the amount of deposit plus damages.

Does anyone know a lawyer who would handle something like this? Or what to do? I feel if we do not file something quickly, we will loose the chance to have her insurance pay us the money we so desperately need! We lost everything we own. We are homeless. WE NEED OUR DEPOSIT. And SHE CONTRIBUTED TO WHY OUR HOUSE BURNT.

Any advice, any referrals to a law firm specializing in this sort of case would be most welcome. Thank you!


A restroom is needed for medical conditions. I was working in a new building that did not yet have water/sewage. Portable toilets used to be located in the parking lot outside my building (perfectly acceptable). The building owner decided to move in early and removed the portables so that they could use the parking lot. They also got the inside restrooms running but refuse anyone but their direct employees to use them. All contractors are to “figure it out” on their own.

The nearest alternative restroom is 0.17 miles (three football fields / 4.5 minute walk each direction) at another building. However, if the four restrooms there, only one was working. This morning, zero are working (out of water).

This has been the case for over a month, and although an inconvenience, I wasn’t upset about it until yesterday when my condition caused an emergency and there were no available restrooms.

I brought it to the attention again (I’ve lost count how many times) of my direct supervisors, HR, and VP. I even explained that it is an ADA issue. I asked for either access to the building restroom or a portable be put back in the parking lot. Both seem “reasonable accommodations” to me. The answer I got was “if you don’t like it, you’re fired”.

So now I’m trying to figure out my next move while I gather my thoughts and calm my nerves.

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Went to a company party on Friday, I was the DD for one of the girls that I work with as we knew there would be alcohol. (We'll call her M) I picked M up, we went to the party, it was pretty fun going till it was time to go. As we are leaving, my direct supervisor and his wife approach me and M, and inform me that they are going to drop her off instead and that I can leave. She was pretty smashed and they just kind of grab her as she is confused as to why I am not the one dropping her off. As they drag her off I call out to my supervisor and say that I don't appreciate what he is assuming I would do, he responds with," Oh I'm not assuming anything, M said she wants to ride with me as she doesn't feel safe with you, so you need to chill the fuck out, and I never want you to challenge me again." (This is verbatim) After that he goes and gets M into his car; his wife had gone over to a group of our coworkers who were watching the whole thing and was talking to them. I get into my car (Which is right next to his), and M gets out of his car and into mine. She asks what is going on and why I didn't want to drop her off. I tell her what my supervisor said, that she wasn't comfortable with me and didn't want me to drop her off. She tells me she did in fact not say this or imply it. His wife comes over from the on lookers and says she wants M to get out of my car as she doesn't trust me and what I might do. M says I would never do anything like that and that there is no chance that would happen. Supervisors wife says that if M goes with them then there is a zero percent chance that would happen. One of the onlooking coworkers comes over and talks through my window and tells M to just roll up the window. M rolls her window up and my supervisors wife proceeds to call me a scumbag and a creep and just go off. (I think she kicked me car too, dunno) The coworker just says to take M home (Quite a few coworkers crowded around my car door window now, all talking) as they all know I'm a good guy. I take M home and make sure she gets in safe and sound as a friend would do, then I leave.

I can laugh off a ton of stuff and have thick skin but saying that I was undoubtable going to rape a coworker of mine by my supervisor and his wife infront of a group of my coworkers is a no go...

I do live in washington which is a at will state so... I'm not quite sure what to do. Any advice is helpful.

Is this grounds for me to be fired for any reason, if so what should I do to protect myself? Would there be something I should do in regards to my boss saying I was going to rape M, being called a scumbag and creepy in front of my peers?


So this saturday i had some friends over for drinks and in the evening someone knocked on my backdoor. It was the ex of a girl that is my friend and has been staying me for some days becuse he has been abusive.

So i cant see who is outside becuse its light on inside and dark on my porch, i open and walk out and see who it is (dont know if much was said) but he punched me in the face and ran.. i was in my socks and tshirt so didnt run after cus norway cold af right now.

Should i press charges,(have witnesses) or should i kick his ass he deserve?(dont really want to stopp down to this level of patheticness)

Any advice ?


My ex ran away with my kid to alaska a while back and the step father adopted my daughter and i couldnt do much from here in south carolina. But they forwarded me via mail the adoption contract that the lawyers put together. I spotted a lot of lies that the step father included..for example it says that he has been the sole male provider for my daughter since she was born. Thats a lies. He didnt meet my daughter till she was almost 3 and even still i paid child support. Can things like this help me? They didnt tell me until 2 days before the court date that they were planning this. Leaving me no time to fight back.

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My first post is here:

And my update is here:

To recap: in September, a neighbor accused my mentally and physically disabled brother-in-law, who lives with my husband and I, of photographing and taking videos of her children. I tried to clear up the misunderstanding (he NEVER did this), but was met with mostly hostility. Issue died down in the last month-ish. We are in New York state.

So, I'm a little bit freaked out. My BIL hasn't been sitting outside as much since my last update, because it's gotten colder and because he's been my doctor buddy and we've been busy with holiday stuff and a lot else. Also, the weather here has been abysmal. But we've had a few days where he has sat out, and on those days if he does see the family with the mom who doesn't like him, he always tells me or my husband about it. He saw them this week - Tuesday I think - and told us.

Today, I got a text from my landlord about it. I'm just going to copy paste it all here:

"Hey [husband and I] I just talked to [neighbor] on the 6 floor. She says your brother has been watching/bothering her 2 kids since the summer. She say she talked about it with you and the issue was resolved but its happening again. She says she doesnt want any pictures of her kids. and if it continues she will call police. Tell your brother to leave these kids alone or police will be called. I dont know what's happening but [neighbor] is extremely upset. Let me know if you have questions, merry Christmas."

I haven't replied yet, I got this text about two hours ago. I don't know what to say. My husband is VERY upset, he's really protective of his brother and they have both had very, very bad interactions with police before (long story, when they were younger/in their hometown). I'm just overwhelmed. I really don't want this to become some kind of huge deal but also don't want to ban my BIL from his own yard because of this woman! I want to move forward in a way that will definitely keep my BIL safe legally and personally.

A few things that might be relevant:

-I or my husband look at EVERY SINGLE PHOTO my BIL takes on his phone. This was something we did before all this (because he takes hundreds and we have to delete some) and something we do now. He DOES NOT KNOW how to delete photos (or rather, periodically forgets how), or at least if he does he has hidden this from his family for no reason. If he'd photographed these kids, we'd know.

-He is not fully nonverbal, but I have never, ever heard him talk to a stranger beyond MAYBE a few words, MAYBE. The chances of him talking to these kids or their mother, especially w/o me or my husband there, are beyond tiny.

-My BIL is legally an adult (24 years old), and my husband is his legal guardian and has been since 2012.

The last time I posted you all were incredibly helpful and empathetic. I might be freaking out a little here (BIL and husband are both super anxious and it's catching!), but I really want to protect my BIL. He would NEVER hurt anyone. I know I can never be sure what happens that I don't witness, but I know my BIL. Thank you all in advance for everything.

My biggest question is this: How should I reply to my landlord? What else can I do to protect my BIL? (To reply to a concern lots of people raised last time, my husband and I have talked to my BIL a LOT and practiced how he can respond if he is approached by police, but I still worry and want to avoid it! Especially because he has so much anxiety attached to police officers.)


I've received a letter twice now via certified mail from a large corporation (I'd rather not say which one) regarding the name of my LLC, which is two words and just so happens to include the name of that large corporation. The letter is not accusatory of infringement in nature, but rather "interested in learning about the services my business provides" to ensure that infringement isn't happening.

Basically, the name of my LLC is two words, both of which are "generic", can be and have been widely used for various purposes, but one of the words is also the name of a NASDAQ-listed technology company. As an example, this is a case where my LLC name is "Freddy's Apples", and Apple Inc. sent me a letter in hopes to confirm that the name of my business isn't infringing on their trademark.

To continue the example, while my business "Freddy's Apples" is indirectly involved in the technology sector, it definitely doesn't sell phones or other computer hardware. So I should be in the clear on using that otherwise-generic name as part of a two-word business name that just happens to be the name of that corporation, correct? How should I respond to these letters? Should I ignore them? Or should I respond and reassure this representative that I don't sell "phones/computers/consumer tech"? I am in Texas, US.

TL;DR The name of my LLC includes a generic word that is the name of a large corporation. They want to know about my business dealings to know if I'm infringing. My business dealings have little-to-nothing to do with said company. Should I ignore? Should I contact?


New York City

Last year my family's house burned down in a fire. I have an adjoining neighbor, so one side of my house is directly connected to their driveway. After hiring a contractor, he is halfway finished building my house, but he needs to access my neighbor's driveway to replace my house's siding. But now my neighbors are making this a big issue and is not allowing my contractor access to her driveway to repair it. It is a small job to only replace the vinyl siding, but she is trying to involve her lawyer in this and raising a lot of legal issues, which my contractor is not happy about because he doesn't like to be involved with lawyers. My contractor also advised me that this is not his problem, and that this is an homeowner-to-homeowner problem to gain the access.

My question is how can I manage my neighbor? I already contacted her already, but she's a very angry person and only wants her benefit out of this. I'm confused on what my next step should be. Please help me out.


Sorry for formatting, on mobile.

Recently my friends and I attended a drinks night at our old school and once we were well into the drinks supply my friend was recorded, without him knowing (uk), saying pretty bad racist things however, in his defence he was quoting from an incident that happened at the school whilst we were there.

The video has since been posted on Twitter and his uni has got involved.

Any advice would be appreciated


I work at a hotel in MN and occasionally police come in and ask for a list of people staying in the hotel to see if any of them have warrants out.

Am I legally obligated to give them that list without a warrant to do so? Technically we are private property so I don't think that I have to give them that information if I don't want to.

Am I right to refuse or should I give them the list?


I live on a small, one-way street in a town center in MA. Across the street, the house was knocked down, and new construction has begun. However, my plot of land is very small and the only place I can park is right in front of my house, alongside the small road (but it is still on my property). First time I was blocked from using my own land was when a surveyor set up on my property, so I had to go pay to park on the street. Now that construction has begun, my parking spot is being used (either by large equipment, or because the guy building across the street is blocking the street, so people using where I usually park my car on my property to get around him blocking the street). Our house and car are also getting completely covered in sawdust.

When the surveyor was originally blocking my only parking spot the police had to be called (he called my wife some choice words when she asked him to move, she didn't know who he was or why he was at our house), yet the police did nothing to remove the guy from our property.

At this point we are prepping to move for unrelated reasons, and have to sell on a contingency of this house selling, so we don't want to deal with even the possibility of being blocked out of our home or dealing with an insurance claim during a sale. Given the cops did nothing before, what are my rights in this situation? I feel like I should just be able to say "no" to people involved in this construction using my property, even to get around the vehicles blocking the street.

e: for clarity, I have a Nest covering my property, my parking spot is the "front yard" of my property, it is not street parking. Shitty paint:


I'm a manager at a car wash. My coworkers and I tend to get very stressed out at work sometimes (washing cars all day long is a lot worse than it sounds), and very seldom, we would forget to punch out one day. The owner of the company I work for came in one day to tell us that we forgot to clock out and followed it with a smart-alec threat to not pay us for those days, even though he knows for a fact we were there. Now, another thing about us clocking out: our computer in the wash to clock in/out is connected to a computer in a building separate from the wash, and when that computer is turned off, it turns ours off, too, leaving us unable to punch out. The lady who runs the booth (with the second computer) doesn't even consider asking us if we've clocked out before turning off her computer and that has screwed us on a couple days as well. Is it legal for him to just not pay employees for the hours that we worked, just because they didn't clock out?

Tl;dr My boss is threatening to not pay workers for forgetting/being unable to clock out.

Edit: I live in Michigan.


[NC] State of North Carolina

Member of the Army Reserves, travelling back home from drill in my uniform. I was on an extremely busy two lane road, when someone starts turning into my lane. He came very close to hitting me, and I had to swerve to avoid just that... When he saw me swerve, he swerved back into HIS lane.

As I drove by I had my window rolled down and said "Watch where you're going!"

I understand I probably shouldn't have done that to begin with, but he almost caused an accident and I hate it when people try to act like nothing happened at all.

After I did this, he followed me to the next light, stopped in the middle of EXTREMELY heavy traffic, and leaned out of his car window to yell "Why don't you watch where you're going?! N***, N***"

For some reason, he started yelling a particular racial slur at me.

I asked "Are you okay?" through my open car window.

He then got out of his car, and walked up to mine IN HEAVY TRAFFIC, and punched me in the face before I could get my window rolled up. I was sitting in my car when he punched me.

He broke my glasses, and cut my face which caused me to bleed heavily. I probably should have gone to the hospital for stitches, but I chose not to.

He then ran back to his car to try to drive off, but I grabbed one half of my broken glasses and grabbed his license plate number. I called the police, and they grabbed him a block away. He admitted to them he did it, under the excuse that I provoked him.

I am pressing charges against him, but I have never done anything like this before. Is there any particular advice I need?


I work in post production and have recently (last 8 months) had 3 seizures of unknown cause (all test results have come back normal). I am on an anti seizure medication (Keppra) and klonopin for emergencies such as panic attacks (keppra causes me fits of emotion, “kepprage” as it’s fondly called and I’ll sometimes panic after taking my anti seizure meds and the klonopin chills me out, it’s rare but it happens)

I got hired at a new company in June and they were well aware of my seizure condition and were very supportive of it. After reading the employee handbook I have read that they are allowed to fire me for “drug usage, prescription or recreational”. This terrifies me as obviously sometimes I need to take klonopin and my over all medication to prevent me from having seizures has some extreme side effects sometimes.

Perfect example is right now I’m a bit sleepy and my keppra is making me very twitchy and emotional. On top of that I have a bad memory due to the meds and I am having to slow down and work through my work a bit slower than usual just to not mess the work up (I’m not going extremely slow but instead of working on ten things at once I’m only working on a few orders). I’m scared that once my manager walks in in the morning and asks me why all the work wasn’t done last night I’ll have to make up some non prescription drug related excuse when that’s entirely what it is. I can take a klonopin to get over all this but they make me a bit slow to respond and exhaust me so I don’t want to do that either.

I don’t want to cause any issues, I absolutely love my job, but I don’t know what to do if the situation arose to where I’m fired for taking my medication that prevents me from convulsing and foaming at the mouth for 5 minutes on the ground.

I’ll be away from my phone for a few hours so please forgive the delayed response.


Throwaway because job security and all that.

I recently started a new position with a company as a temp worker for a 2 month period. The work is on-call only with no scheduled shifts. I recently received my first pay-stub from a half-shift I worked in November. On the stub for that day it states that while I earned a half day's pay, they took all but 2$ for Union Dues. I am not a member of any union to my knowledge. There was no part of my paperwork when I started this job that asked me to join or informed me of being in a union. When I try to call the work pay office I am routed by recording through several minutes of options and then hung up on no matter which option i select. This is in Alberta, Canada. Do I have any options here? I need this money pretty badly even if it isn't a ton.


Back story: My friends father passed away about a year ago. He was married to a woman, with a daughter, but then divorced her many years before he passed away.

In his will he left his estate to his four actual children (incuding his daughter), my friend.

His Ex step-daughter is now threatning to sue her because she feels my friend is witholding something from her, but was was still left out of the will.

Does my friends ex step-sister have any legal grounds for a lawsuit?

Edit: Thank you for the reasurring responses. They are helping my friend realize she shouldnt worry about this too much.

Sounds like the Ex step daughter is digging herself a big hole because she is sending some malicious text messages. My friend is saving those messages if push comes to shove.


My friend is a student at New England Conservatory in Boston and as he was walking back to his dorm last night, he got mugged by three armed young men who jostled him around and took his stuff. It happened no more than 150 feet from the entrance to his dorm, but was unfortunately not caught on camera. After they took his stuff he ran and caught the attention of the campus guards and told them what happened. He assumed that they would call Boston police right away, but they didn't call them until around an hour after the incident. He has location services on his phone and knows where it is, but when he told the police of this, they said that they can't do anything without a warrant. They were trying to solve the issue themselves and said it could take two months. The phone is in a low income area, at a housing agency for underprivileged youth and families. He is leaving tonight to go home for winter break. What sort of options does he have and how should he proceed from here?


She died 13 years ago. She used baby powder on her genitals every day. What should I do? Have these sort of lawsuits already played out? My brother messaged me an article about it around a year ago. Now today, 2 more of my friends have mentioned it to me. Is this a feasible lawsuit and where would I get started? I’m in Utah.



I own the tenancy contract to a house with 4 bedrooms. One room is occupied by myself, and the other 2 my friends who go to the same university. The 4th room we posted an ad for renting out and found someone to rent to let's call this person "M".

M brought over his brother to stay with him since he too was looking for a place to stay. We all agreed with that. His brother is a bit strange who doesn't follow social norms like keeps everything unclean and plays very loud music at the odd hour, despite everyone's complaints.

But recently, his brother invited someone over to stay at our place without anyone's knowledge. The first time we knew about it is because we saw someone sleeping on our couch at night. We thought he came to visit someone and crashed over for the night. But no, he stays over and keeps returning every single day. This person is disruptive to people since he'd come and knock on our door at 3 in the morning to let him in. And if no one opens the door, then M's brother would to let him in. Besides that, this person also enters our rooms without our knowledge and takes stuff to use. He also gets super high on weed and drunk.

When we confronted him about the matter, he keeps giving excuses which doesn't line up with his other excuses, "I have a place of my own, I come here to record music with my friend since my mom doesn't like loud music at her place", "Bro I don't stay over, it's just that it becomes late by the time we're done and so I just crash here", "I am just visiting my friend. He pays rent and I can visit him. This is discrimination that you're asking me to leave.".

Recently we got really firm on our stance to get him to leave. We gave him a notice (verbal) that either he leaves or we call the cops. To which he either repeats "I'm just here to visit my friend. He pays rent and I can visit him." always or "Stop bothering me. I'm leaving I'm leaving". But then doesn't leave and got aggressive towards myself and the other roomate. So we called the cops but instead of coming they tried to resolve this over the phone. They wanted to speak with M's brother who refused. The cops were skeptical of this but M's brother said "Okay I'll tell him to leave don't call them here". So the cops just told us "Okay if he's willing to leave then it's okay. Call us back if he doesn't leave". After this incident the dude left after an hour (Friday).

Fast forward to yesterday where M's brother told us that the dude left some of his stuff at our place and would come to pick them up. We said that he's not welcome on the property and so he should just hand over the stuff at the door and that's it. Yet at 1AM when he came banging on the door, the brother let him in and he straight up went to his room and again, refuses to leave. When confronted, he comes up with the same excuse "I'm here to visit my friend, I haven't seen him in 2 days" and "I'll leave I'll leave". Later he passed out.

Therefore, I called the cops regarding the matter. But the cops were not helpful since they asked if the person was being violent. Then they asked if the rent was being paid for the room, and we said yes. They answered "Since they pay rent, they have a right to bring anyone in so we can't come and remove him unless he gets violent in which case we can come and intervene.". And that's it.

We called M to intervene in this since it's his brother who's allowing all this (very hard to communicate with the brother: he just stares without replying). And the dude keeps lying to M saying we told him it was okay to stay or stuff like "I'll leave in the morning". M spoke to him for a bit and told me that the dude said he actually doesn't have a place to stay but would leave in the morning. I told him that it is not our responsibility to deal with all this dilemma. It's 9:21AM now and he still hasn't left.

So what can I do regarding this matter? The lease of the house is owned by me and one of my friends. We have not given any written contract to M or his brother regarding the length or terms of stay. M pays rent monthly and I have transaction records for this. M's brother doesn't pay rent.



TL;DR: My oil was overfilled, which seemingly has majorly damaged my engine. I have a warranty on the car. Dealership and the oil company seem to not be helping at all, even perhaps taking advantage of the situation

Disclaimer here, I am no expert on cars AT ALL. I have very little understanding of cars, which I think has not helped me in this situation. I will try to explain things the best I can.

Maybe around September, I took my car in to a very popular oil change shop. I have used this shop for years and never had any problems. I got my oil changed, no problems. About a week or so later I started to notice my car was running differently and felt a bit shaken. I blew it off, thinking it was just my car getting older (about 84k miles on it.) A couple weeks after that, my car randomly died outside my house. I knew it wasn’t the battery as my battery is fairly new, so I took it into my dealership’s service center to get checked out. I brought it in immediately. They told me that my oil had been overfilled, and to “repair” my car, they simply gave me a new (proper) oil change. I thought, great, everything is fixed here.

About a month later, I was driving with my fiancé when my car started shaking and my engine light was flashing at me. I pulled over, and then managed to get my car back to my house safely. The dealership advised me to not drive my car there, as the engine light was flashing and that meant “my engine could be damaged.” So I got a tow, and again took my car in immediately. They told me I had carbon build up in my car, gave me some sort of flush, and then told me it was “fixed.”

Well, big shocker, not even a week later my car started making a weird screeching noise. It eventually went away. Then my car died on the highway. Again, I was told to tow it to the dealership. They told me a coil in the cylinder (?) was bad, and they had in the shop maybe three days trying to figure it out. They did some sort of valve alignment (?) and it was almost $500.

I’ve since had my car about a week, and am unsure if it is really fixed. I have a full warranty on the car, which the dealership seems to be ignoring because this is “maintenance work.” I am very concerned with both the dealership, and the company that originally overfilled my oil. I feel I am being taken advantage of by the dealership. The oil company has not reached out to me at all after I filed a complaint with customer service.

I live in poverty and can not afford much here. My grandfather is rich and has paid for all of these repairs (besides the tows) which is causing me guilt. I don’t understand how the warranty is not covering these costs, as it’s obvious somethings wrong with the engine. Please advise what steps I can take when/if my car again breaks down. I am completely at a loss.

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