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My older sister invited me to go camping with her boyfriend and some of her friends. I was 16-17. I decided to take my friend with me, a girl I've been friends with since the first day of high school. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and I was being a good friend listening to her complain and I did everything I could to make her feel better. I thought taking her camping would take her mind off of everything.
We were drinking, playing games and just having a blast. Every time she wanted to go to the bathroom she would ask me to go with her since it was like a 5 minute walk in the dark. She told me she was afraid and linked arms with me at first and then kind of held my hand the rest of the times.
Our walks were great. She told me about all the things she did sexually even though she never had sex. She also kept on telling me what a great guy I am and how much it sucks that I'm hung up on one girl who doesn't see that.
When everyone went to sleep we just cuddled by the fire and talked some more before she grabbed my hand and told me we should go to sleep. I didn't feel sleepy but I figured that I could just go with her wait for her to fall asleep and I could sneak out and continue sitting by the fire because I fucking love camping.
Inside the tent she was super cuddly, asked me if it's okay if she takes off her bra so I looked away and let her do her business. My plan was to pretend I'm sleepy so that she would just go to sleep quicker and stop talking to me about how she loves making guys cum. I was annoyed. Then she asked if she could see my penis which I figured she wanted to do so that she could compare size to her ex. I wasn't thrilled about that so I stopped her every time she tried to get her hands near my pants.
Eventually she gave up and went to sleep. The next day she seemed much different. Cold and distant and wouldn't tell me what's wrong. My sister called me an idiot and I didn't know why. A few days later the girl texted me and asked me what the fuck is wrong with her and I replied with something like "Nothing, you are absolutely gorgeous, smart, sexy and any guy would be lucky to have you. I'd kill to have a gf like you" I wasn't lying because I honestly felt like that and I did have a huge crush on her. She replied with "Yeah right. If you really felt that way you wouldn't have rejected me the whole weekend while I was basically throwing myself at you."
That's when everything clicked. I swear when I tried to masturbate that night my penis moved away from my hand.

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Sharing stories about times we guys failed to pick up the signals of flirting.

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