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The Texas Attorney General is suing to block the healthcare bill because of the insurance mandate, but he didn't have a problem with mandated insurance last year.

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Hold on folks. It's time for stupid to make itself known.

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Perhaps this attorney general should try READING the Constitution?

"The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises..."

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Yes but taxes are evil. It says so somewhere in the US constitution. The Founding Fathers fought against Communists and Nazis too and they were disciples of Ayn Rand. IT'S IN REVELATIONS PEOPLE!!!

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In other news, the entire constitution (besides the 2nd amendment) has been declared unconstitutional.

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In his Defense this health care bill is the most unconstitutional, anti-American and socially intrusive bill ever passed in modern times !!!! (click link before downvoting, it's a joke people)

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But... but... he argued in favor of the STATE doing it! That's completely different!

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It is. If Massachusetts or Texas wants it then that's fine by me. I won't move there. But if the federal government does it then that's an entirely different matter.

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wow first time of hearing about what politics is? you make people happy and you piss people off... you just have to decide who gets what this week.

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