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Cheney also told Senator Leahy to "go fuck himself", but in a nice way.

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it was satire!

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It's okay, the guy apologized for getting shot in the face.

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Indeed. Fox News' propensity to be shocked - shocked! - at the slightest Democrat faux pas never ceases to amaze me.

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I was going to post some "witty" little comment about the blatantly huge double standard, not to mention pointlessness of the matter, but I don't think anything can sum it up so perfectly and compete with that. upvote to you!

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What was the source of this? Was it during his presidency?

EDIT: Here you go! One fingered victory salute!

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Not a fucking big deal.

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Dear Fox News and it's viewers:

Go fuck yourselves.


The rest of us

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I wish more people would think this way. But unfortunately, us shouting, "OH GEE, LOOK WHAT FOX NEWS HAS DONE NOW!" only plays into their game. Same with Ann Coulter. If every intelligent semi-liberal person on semi-decent MSM channels responded to these two entities with: "Yeah, they said that, but no one pays attention to what they say anyway, they have lied and twisted things too many times to count and have lost their credibility" the general public as a whole may start ignoring them as well.

This is idealistic and will never happen, I know. But I am happy in my world, so leave me alone.

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Hunting birds that can't fly.

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And shooting someone that was ON the firing line while Cheney was off the line. Sounds like a coked up drunken idiot with a live weapon.

I'll take an F-Bomb over something like that any day.

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It's part of the GOP mentality - violence is A-Ok, war movies are great, but God forbid you show a nipple or swear on television.

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I like Biden. He's a smart guy who says it like it is. Kind of like Alan Grayson. Perhaps a liability when you're trying to keep a tight reign on your message, but I think it's good to have a straight shooter who also knows what he's talking about.

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Grasping at straws.

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Typical Republican hypocrites who mostly likely say "fuck" every day.

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They're FOX. They have to condemn someone, otherwise they're not doing their fucking jobs.

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That would actually be a perfect White House response to the "outrage" over this.

"Nah, nah, we're not going to bother Joe about a silly word. He's an adult, he can say what he likes. It's not like he shot someone in the face, or anything..."

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It's fucking freedom of speech.

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America, fuck yeah!

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... normally, that's used sarcastically. I'm not sure what to do here...

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OMG please someone tear me away from the comments for that! I'm about to lose me shit.

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The blurt ironically came after the vice president spent several minutes gushing about the president’s role in getting the legislation passed and then finished off by suggesting he was “embarrassing” Obama with his chatter. The president, who may not have realized the remark was picked up by the microphone, kept his poker face and tried to move on.

Well damn Fox, don't leave me hanging, what else happened? Was there 'a flicker of uncertainty' in his gaze, did his eyes 'dart uncomfortably from face to face, searching for approval'?

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Bush said that Hezbolah needs to stop doing this shit.

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Ted said to Marshall "You shaved your fucking head!".

2nd last episode, season 2 of How I met your mother.

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That's kind of a ridiculous comparison. That was (most likely) an accident.

That said, though, didn't Bush call someone an asshole on a live mic once? And flip the bird at a news camera? I'm pretty sure every president and vice president we've ever had has sworn, they're fucking adults, get over it Fox News viewers.

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Weren't they both likely accidents? I don't get the point.

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I wouldn't call flipping the bird to a news camera an accident.

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Saying 'fuck' is not an accident. It's not like he meant to say 'truck' and got confused. Getting caught saying it on TV might be an accident, but that's hardly the same.

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Shooting a gun is not an accident. It's not like he meant to throw a bouquet of flowers and got confused. Shooting someone in the face might be an accident, but that's hardly the same.

Indeed, one could argue that Cheney was even more careless, in his fairly wanton violations of safe fire-arms procedure.

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Now I feel dirty. Thanks, OP. I hear (use) the word, and think of George Carlin "Fuck, of the Mountain!!" "Titz on a Ritz, mmmmm good cracker!"

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Sadly, he was our VP too.

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Two words: double standard.

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I can't believe people are still talking about that hunting accident. As much as I hate Cheney, it's not like he intentionally shot the guy. Attempting to justify torture is a much bigger deal.

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And the O'Reilly flip out was all right?