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SW-0642-8607-0219 || Ted (LGE)
5 days ago

FT: 5IV Timid Vulpix(s), Timid & Modest Alolan Vulpix, 5IV Charmander, LF: see inside


  • 2 Timid Vulpix 5IV, only speed isn’t rated best

  • 3 Timid Vulpix 5IV, only attack isn’t rated best

  • Timid Vulpix 5IV, only HP isn’t rated best

  • Timid Vulpix 5IV, only sp. Def isn’t rated best

  • Timid Alolan Vulpix, standard 2IV

  • 3 Modest Alolan Vulpix, standard 2IV

  • 2 Timid Charmander 5IV, only speed isn’t best rated


Shines for Trade

Shiny Jigglypuff | OT Ted | ID No. 065792 | self-obtained, route 7 | Timid

Shiny Chansey | OT Ted | ID No. 065792 | self-obtained | Jolly


LF: Shiny Porygon, Shiny Oddish, Shiny Sandshrew, Shiny Scyther, Shiny Mankey, 5IV Adamant Dratini family, 5IV Timid Eevee, 5IV Omanyte, 5IV Adamant Magikarp, open to offers for other competitive Pokemon.

Please tell me on the Charmanders or regular Vulpixes if you want a nickname. I usually name them 5 IV or something so I know what they are at first glance. I will only trade shinies for other shinies.

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