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sleep is overrated.

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I just wanted to make it look like you logged into another account to agree with yourself

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We would like to remind our viewers that sleep is, in fact, overrated.

-- ESPN announcer during the 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs, most likely the first game of the Stars-Ducks series, which went into a fifth overtime and ended at 12:30 am, after starting at 6:40 pm.

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You might want to read this

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Every time I try something like this, I just end up going into /etc/hosts.

So then I added about 1000 lines that went something like...


With random redirect lines scattered throughout.

It worked well, until I realized I could just delete /etc/hosts and it wouldn't cause any problems. Then I would just do mv /etc/hosts /etc/weekday-hosts, or whatever other bullshit excuse I made up.

tl;dr My dreams are dead.

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You lack discipline!

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I agree with you, but they also have the discipline to write a bunch of code to help them with their problem.

The problem with this solution is that the OP can still circumvent it (I just need to finish my comment submission!). What they need to do is to implement this block and then throw away the key.

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You can always delete your reddit account.

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but then the problem is that you can still read reddit without an account.

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I've found it's a lot less addicting when you don't have one though (especially since without an account the annoying reddits like WTF, pics, IamA, etc. saturate the homepage).

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I'm a cop, you idiot!

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Discipline is but a medium to develop routine!

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When programmatically adding or removing lines from a file like /etc/hosts, that humans also muck with, I think a safer approach is to put a tag on each line that a human is unlikely to put on a human made line. E.g., reddit.com #88C59D03-F4A1-4CD8-9177-22CFEFFE080C

Then, when removing the line, just remove all lines that have that have 88C59D03-F4A1-4CD8-9177-22CFEFFE080C in them.

This also simplifies the remove code, as it no longer needs to look for the functional part of the line to find the right line to delete. That makes it more robust, too, in case you change the functional part of the line--you don't have to remember to make the corresponding change to the delete code.

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Great points here. For similar reasons, handles should never be primary keys in database tables; IDs should.

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What if a human sees the tag, goes "wtf is this useless comment", and deletes it?

I think code that modifies config files needs to be fully aware of how the config file works, and modify it exactly as a human doing the same task would.

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I use the Leechblock add-on for Firefox, but this is quite useful too.

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That is superb! I think I shall start using that instead. Oh well; my cron file might still be useful for other browsers and for network administration.

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midori http://www.reddit.com

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I have a great solution.

It's called "go to bed at 10:30, get up at 6:30".

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That sounds awful.

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The cure is worse than the disease.

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Yeah, I usually settle for go to bed at midnight, get up ad six.

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^ this.

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A better solution would be "drink/snort tons of caffeine and reddit all night long".

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Reddit doesn't destroy my sleep schedule. I have Gentoo for that.

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Hey, how's the compile going?

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While I don't care (much) about compiling programs "100% optimized for my system", I am awfully jealous of Gentoo's doc flag. For many packages, Ubuntu doesn't include documentation, and when it does, it's often in a separate package that's not pulled in automatically.

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Why the 0-45/15? Use */15

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Good call! Didn't know that one.

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Self control would make this obsolete, but whatever.

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&>- means "don't print any output", but it's probably redundant because we're dealing with a background process.

It's not useless in this case: by default any output from a cron job will be mailed to sent to the user by email.

A better way of going about it in this particular case is probably:

grep -q ' reddit.com' /etc/hosts

I also think you'd be better off preserving the contents of your real /etc/hosts separately and having your script juggle a symlink rather than actually editing your file. I.e., something like

mv /etc/hosts{,.real}
ln -s /etc/hosts.real /etc/hosts

Then create a script that looks something like this: #!/bin/sh cp /etc/hosts.real /etc/hosts.redditblocker cat <<EOF >>/etc/hosts.redditblocker # This file was generated by $0; any manual changes will be lost! # Edits should go in /etc/hosts.real instead. # block access to reddit.com reddit.com EOF ln -nsf /etc/hosts.redditblocker /etc/hosts

and have your cron job just run that script at night, and ln -nsf /etc/hosts.real /etc/hosts in the morning (and maybe also @reboot, or even just every 15 minutes all day except when you want reddit to be blocked -- overwriting a single symlink isn't exactly expensive after all).

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I love proggit. So much programming insight. I didn't know about grep -q, thanks! While the symlink idea is definitely more efficient, it poses some difficulties if I frequently modify my hosts file; I will now have to make changes to both of them. However, by creating scripts for modifying my hosts file instead of modifying it directly, or with a bit of diffing and patching, this process can be fairly automatic.

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Actually my suggestion was to have the script copy /etc/hosts.real to /etc/hosts.redditblocker and then append (notice the >>) the extra stuff. So as long as you make all your edits to /etc/hosts.real (which means that during the day, you can just edit /etc/hosts), you'll be fine; you don't have to maintain 2 separate copies.

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Didn't catch that; my bad. I like that idea.

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Plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.

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That's cool. Ever heard of leechblock?

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Now I hate the fact that iPhone is a closed device.

I so can't use it on my damn iPhone.

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We are going to have similar issues with the iPad. Unfortunately, there is no benefit for Apple (or most users, really) in opening things up on these devices.

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Okkkkkkkk I have a better idea. Modify your cron job that displays a 60 second timer that will threaten to and actually will rm -rf / unless it does not find any instances of your browser's processes running.

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No, reddit destroys my sleep schedule. Got a script for that?

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sleep is destroying my reddit schedule

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sometimes when all you have is a hammer...