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My bad: disregard typo, read article.

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Nope, you killed it.

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PDF warning? No?

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That's funny, because in neighbour thread almost everone is ok with sending CV in pdf file.

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seriously? are you that helpless?

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From the Reddiquette: "Put the file type at the end of the title if it is something other than html or text, like [pdf] or [video]." It's just useful. Chill out, bro.

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It's too bad we're slaves to our technology, all the ducts gently gurgling in the night. If only someone, maybe a regular old Harry, could come along and remove our ossified cultural habits by programming Reddit to include filetypes after submissions.

El Brasil de mi amor; Tierra de Nuestro Señor...

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lol your comment is the hot 100 billboard.

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Me: Oh, this could be interesting... ::click:: "Firefox would like to open this with Foxit Reader..." Ah, screw it. ::close::

I dunno if that makes me shallow or something, but it really bugs the fuck out of me to have to read something on my monitor in a format that is meant for print documents.

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Thank you for the Pi-calc paper, I was looking for this; but seriously, [pdf] is in order.

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Hover mouse over link, notice .pdf filetype. If you can't do this then disable pdf browser plugin if you have it installed.

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aaaaaargh PDF sneak attack!!1!

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AGH a PDF, without warning, I feel violated---raped---scarred indefinitely ...

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14 comments: 3 on the typo, 11 on the fact that it's a PDF.