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I love Tufte and info-rich text-based sites like reddit and I dislike ads. My site was written using LAMP because AJAX seemed too new...What can I do to make it better? The Facebook API? Suggestions for me? It has gotten good press and some great reviews, but I'm thinking it needs a way to make its information more ubiquitous, or maybe it needs some sort of social networking features. Kevin Kelly suggested pictures (of contributors..) What are the big rocks in front of me that I can't see? Any help from you smart readers appreciated.

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dude, it's a great site, but you need to fix the design and layout. Then an API to spread your service.

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There's nothing about either LAMP or AJAX which precludes using the other. On the contrary, the best solutions use both.

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Agreed. It's not about the tools themselves, its about what you want to accomplish, and then choosing the right tools for that task.

From a design standpoint, in a 10 second perusal of your site, it seems like the dynamic content that people are generally the most interested in is off screen (for me at least). The top list of rules is what i expect your users care about the most. You should make that content the most pronounced and in the easiest location to find as possible; perhaps a 3 column layout with that content in the center and other information and navigation on the right or left. One thing reddit and similar sites do is put the most relevant information as far up and to the left as possible, as most western cultures read right to left going down.

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Put all the extra crap in a third, right column. The desktop widget, tag cloud, etc.

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