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Plastic Vortex Eyed As Potential Fuel Source

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Not but 3 months ago I had a discussion with several people about a small help for the vortex, and that for plastic resources it would be a semi-limitless pit. Using the word semi with limitless does seem to be misplaced however it would be limitless as long as demand didnt exceed the amount being taken from it from being restocked by the very things being removed. ( wow what a mind-full for a second there). Anyway I was thinking of starting off with two ships and several small collection crafts. One ship being stationary for the most part live aboard/smelter the other a delivery ship, might need two (while one is leaving and delivering the other can start to be stocked). But I dont want to go into complete detail it would take forever. But It was 3 months ago I was talking to someone that I'm sure money CAN be made from there, but its sorta funny after years and years of people going oh well nothing can be done for that spot in the ocean, I make a conversation with a couple of strangers, and boom people are heading to the great Vortex in the ocean.. I think I'm going to wind up as a muse when my body dies, this isn't the first time this has happened where I've come up with a idea and someone else made cash off it, but i'm not saying they were the people I talked to cause they are not. I'm just glad something is starting to get done lol.

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We have build island of freedom bit-by-bit and now you want to burn it???!

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You can't use entropy to fight entropy.

Well you can, but you need a heat sink.

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