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Posted byu/[deleted]8 years ago

Locked & Loaded .. Here is a somewhat historic photo from NASA. It features two shuttles on their launch pads. In the foreground is Atlantis on Launch Pad A and in the background is Endeavour on Launch Pad B. [Pic]

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TIL there's more than one launch pad.

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We used to have a space program that would fly two shuttles in close succession. What do we have now?

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The 2nd shuttle was in case something went wrong with the 1st, since it wasn't going to the ISS which has an 'escape pod'(I think this was the Hubble repair mission), they needed a 2nd ship ready to go in a few days notice.

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It's a trip. For some stupid reason I figured there was only one launch pad they launched all the shuttles from.

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There's also a whole host of other launch sites.

39-A and 39-B

I was there for the Atlantis launch. At one stage they had an ambitious plan to launch Atlantis then Endeavour three days later. I flew to the US to watch this, but they canned that plan and went with a month between launches, this was just post return to flight, and they were still nervous about tiles. I got to see Atlantis launch though. Yay! One of my photos

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Is that a dude with a jetpack in the lower right?

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Yes.... Yes it is. And in the top left, you can see supermans left foot.

No. It's a bird

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Anyone know what those tall towers are that seem to be connected to the launch pad?

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Interesting. Any idea how sound can be suppressed with water when clearly the stage-1 solid fuel boosters, well, aren't in water?

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Is it just me or is the shuttle and the capsules one of the most admirable things of the USA? I sure have my beefs with the 'states' but NASA sure isn't one of them.


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Didn't Iran have a similar picture?

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does anyone have one of those pics of the F-22 flying above a shuttle launch pad?

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I'm going off the top of my head here, but didn't they start doing this when they resumed the shuttle program after Columbia? Some half baked scheme about being able to mount a "rescue mission" to repair or evac if the first shuttle was damaged during launch?

It sounded more like an expensive PR stunt meant to reassure the public more than anything practical, but I'm no expert. It does make for a badass picture. (Of course, in my ideal world, low orbit space travel would already be so common that we would have a routine reason to have two ships prepped for launch. But I doubt that'll be coming any time soon.)

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I just saw Hubble 3D, and that's exactly what was stated in the movie.

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Really? Cool.

Is that movie good?

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Meh. It's only 45 minutes, and there's probably 70% shuttle mission vs. 30% Hubble photos.

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new desktop, yoink

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