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16M | End me please
5 days ago

oh my god fuck my sister and everything about her. he is so fucking pathetic and self centred and whiny. asks for hep but then snatches shit away accusing me that I am stupid and dont know shit, even though she came for help in the first place!

she talks in a airy fairy and soft fucking voice, almost like an "oh, im such a girly girl who wants your sympathy so im gonna talk in the voice of a 4 year old". Fuck off! She talks in a baby voice and people go "ohhhh look how cute and babyish she is, lets give her things!". FUCK OFF!!!! Constantly making fun of me and hitting me and kicking me and degrading me. Constantly talking to me like im the younger one who doesnt fucking know shit. IM BLOODY SICK OF YOU TREATING ME LIKE THIS!!! and my parents! fuck them. I say "dad, tell my sister to stop hitting and hurting me!" and they go "oh, you are 6 years older than her punch her!" I DONT WANNA FUCKING HURT HER OR ANYONE!!!! she always acts as if I blow things out of proportion when I bring up this stuff to her, and I get in trouble for "hurting her feelings" and "accusing her of doing bad"! cunt that is not true! I am starting to HATE her and her oh so "cute" face when she crinkles her forehead in a face ass show of being concerned. AAGAGAHGAHAGHHH god I hate this shit and how she fucking treats me!

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18 | chris | n word
1 point · 5 days ago

this how it b with younger siblings

itll change soon enough how old is she

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16M | End me please
Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago


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18 | chris | n word
1 point · 5 days ago

yh itll be over soon enough

just stay away really thats all u can do

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16M | Freedom dispenser enthusiast
1 point · 5 days ago

Record her when she does stuff like that. Do it discretely though.

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