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Saw my third ritual in Albany last week. I was lucky enough to catch them in San Diego as well on this tour. And I have to say I appreciated Cardi C's little depression chat in the middle of the song.

I've been suffering from pretty serious depression for about a year now. Divorce, then another failed relationship, and another breakup. Mixed feelings about my job. Too much travel. Etc. I've been real low, is what I'm saying. Better days are hopefully around the corner but it's a long slog.

My ex wife got me into Ghost; she made me a kickass devil music playlist a few years ago and Year Zero was on it. I listened to Infestissumam and then Opus Eponymous and Meliora. Saw them with her in Nashville, with Iron Maiden, about six months before we broke up. I didn't listen to them for about six months afterwards.

I'm not what I'd call a hardcore fan. I know most of their music. I have a couple of shirts. I can sing along. But that little chat with the audience about depression was pretty fucking powerful, both times I've heard it, and I just want to say thanks to TF and the band and to all the fans who keep making this possible. Depression is serious and I wish more people understood that it's ok not to be ok, that sometimes it's just a stage, and that support like this can literally save lives.

Just got tickets to see them along with Tool at Open Air in Chicago in May, hope to see some of you there.


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