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this feels like an ad...

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He makes too much on his own podcast to ever be 4th host.

So Captain America is totally gonna die right? Like, for good. Maybe even some of the other main characters?

I thought it was a person wearing a mask that was animatronic. That movement is scary natural.

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Credits to u/KindaGoodPainter for the art.

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Bruh if this makes it into one of his episodes I'll do a painting/drawing of the top meme of that week. No bamboozles.

You bet somebody's gonna turn this into a new meme format!

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Looking forward to it

You should also post this to /r/Imaginarybehemoths

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Go for it!

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Hahaha, wtf.

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Hahahaha. This is great!

I hope I'm not too late with this, took me longer than it should've

I thought this said Dunder Mifflin

Looks just like the style of Rick and Morty

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I still think that the picture with the title it was posted with, is missleading due to the assumptions 99% of the people make when they see "digital" as the process.

You would be right. I devised the best experiment I could. It wasn't perfect. I dropped out of high school. For isn't conventional for people to post what programs they use. It isn't expected. I could see why there is an assumption that "Digital means a wacom tablet and stylus". Just because that is most common doesn't mean outliers are obligated to specify otherwise. In the right hands, this is just a program to assist in creation. A tool in a workflow. A renaissance level advancement in artistic production on par with photography. At the end of the day, it isn't going away, it will revolutionize our world.

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I think you're strawmaning his comment. "Digital" means digital art, especially when posted to an art sub. You know what digital art is. Nobody is saying digital art means it's made with a Wacom & stylus. You're arguing in bad faith.

By saying, "Just because that is most common doesn't mean outliers are obligated to specify otherwise." You're still arguing in defense of the Turing Test. Again, you purposely omitted information in order to try and conduct a clean test. Why are you trying argue as if that wasn't what you where trying to do.

GTFO. Digital means a lot of things. This is a new relatively ne thing that a lot of people don't know about, but it isn't misleading at all. It isn't not digital and people don't always specify the digital tools.

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I'm just gonna reply with another comment on this thread that said it best.

I'm also just commenting on the way portraiture is straw-manning mnkymnk's argument.

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OP reposting someone elses 5 year old meme image = reddit karma

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If the joke is to never let us forget then idc. I think 5 yrs is acceptable for a repost.

Comment deleted by user15 days ago

David Firth actually is releasing or recently released a movie with a hunch of new and old Salad Fingers clips.

Comment deleted by user16 days ago

I thought it looked familiar. Looks like a different clip, though the animation and titles are the same.

I agree why you might take issue if you were led to believe otherwise. I didn't see where OP mentioned any of the techniques, if so that would be a pretty sneaky move. But as this technique becomes more mainstream, people should be able to tell quite easily.

As I'm sure that most painters could tell you what type of paint a picture uses and what medium it is on, from looking at a photograph; I can tell you that this was almost certainly made using a multi-generation script for neural-style. And it was made on a GTX 10- series or RTX 20-series GPU. It also appears to have some histogram matching with the style so as to enhance the black parts of the picture. And OP probably has used some other tricks along the way too. Using style transfer for portraits rarely turns out this well, so it's likely to have been layered up with the original somewhere along the line to enhance the lines too. The eyes are telling me that this didn't come straight out of the oven.

I can't even begin to guess at the parameters used for the algorithm but that's a whole skill in itself.

Does everyone have to tell you exactly how they made the piece every time? Or can we just enjoy a good idea executed well? I guess that depends on the type of person.

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Let's not be naive on what the point of this post was. Op knew what they where trying to achieve with this post specifically and to some extent that achieved it.

There is artistry and technical know-how to making this type of work, as made clear by your explanation. I am impressed, and as anyone would be.

See if OP would have made the comment that you made just now I don't think it would have been as much push-back. It would have been made clear how it was done and all parties (photographer, painter, and developer of the software, OP) included would have received equal credit for it.

Even when artists make hyperrealistic drawings based on a photo they get flak for not including the photo they referenced. Leaving people to assume they created it from their imagination. People don't like to be fooled or lied to. The fact that this image can be created in the way that it was is impressive and there's no issue there. I think there is plenty of room for this type of work in the art community.

I don't think it's you're making it clear what your actual argument is here though.

To be honest, my main argument is against the mods of this sub for saying they are going to ban style transfer. I think it's a mean spirited and clumsy reaction to something which is at its heart a playful experiment

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And I can agree with you there. Does the punishment fit the crime? It's not up to me, I'm not a mod. But there definitely is a level of risk with these types of experiments. I personally welcome it and as a digital artist I could see it providing some interesting benefits in my own processes. I'd even love to be the guinea pig for the visual tests distinguishing OC from AI. The mods over at deepdreams are better of taking it in stride and perhaps cultivating a new sub just for these types of tests. Wouldn't the creators of this type of work be the ultimate test? Have a dedicated sub where commenters can say whether they think the image is OC or AI and if majority believe it's AI, and if in fact it is, OP reveals the images and methods used. I think this could be a really fun sub. I just don't think the way in which this test was conducted was responsible and fairly prepared for a negative response. A better place would probably be r/pics tbh. Say it's made by some fake artist and see if people buy it. Idk, maybe you could get banned from there too lol.

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This one is good. Consistent canvas texture. Came out great.

This is from r/deepdream correct? What's the process for making an image like this?

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