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Sure you can sense negative energy. Black tourmaline is good for negative energy.

Tap your profile pic in the upper left corner. Tap the settings gear at the bottom of the menu. Tap 'Accounts'. Tap the door with the arrow pointing towards it to the right of your username.

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Thank you so much:)

You're welcome!

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Do you know how to delete messages in the account?

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Pmd you

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Message sent, thank you

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Sent message

Messaged u

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Will my relationship with E end soon?

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Me please, for some reason I can’t pm from my pad, thanks in advance


Hi I’m offering a general psychic reading for the first three people, just give first name and then I will pm you with reading.


Hi if you dont mind I would love a quick one just to see if I'm doing good so far going back to working on my energies My name is Yaniss

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Sometimes we take things to seriously and expect certain expectations and when we don’t get them the way we expect we can get discouraged and even bitter. So remember to have fun on your soul journey this will allow you to have greater insights as you move forward and grow.

You can post it here :)

Thank you

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Hi what I’m getting is a little more on the personal side, so I don’t feel comfortable posting here. Please pm me and I will respond private.

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