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Yes sorry

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I don't know the guy at all. But this is a deal-breaker for me.

He's got close ties to kushner/Ivanka & Zuckerberg. Took millions of dollars from each of them.

But that's not why he supports this bill, there's a not -too small Jewish community in NJ who backed Booker. Their activists support the bill, so Booker does, too. (Our other senator supports it as well) I'm gonna go out on a limb and say both NY senators will support it, too

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Great post! Interesting stuff

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Cory Booker is already out. He just supported a bill that criminalizes the BDS movement.

Articles being filed is more likely than not. The Senate actually ousting him is unlikely. They need his cult to get re-elected and Trump has all of the Kool-Aid powder. They know they would all look like fools. It's been obvious he is unfit for most of this term. They have looked the other way and are all in on Trumpism. They are willing to go down with the ship.

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And that predicament will extend the blue wave for another 4 years.

I'm curious what a garden variety Trump supporter would say to this. Because causing libbie tears isn't a policy.

Making shit that should be illegal--like reversing protections from water and air pollution--actually illegal.

And let's hope it makes clear how destructive all the lobbyists are.

The guy is right about this stuff in the South. But there have always been many veins of liberal abolitionist christianity in the north.

We should have a reading comprehension requirement for president.

Let's work at getting tax records first.

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To be fair there was a lot of worry about electing JFK. It was not like meh, no big deal.

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It was a huge deal, since people worried about papal influence, and the "communist" tone of Christ's teachings.

German protestants count, obviously. And no, Trump doesn't count then, because he's not protestant, and he behaves like the nouveau riche (even though he isn't, and should have some decorum and taste).

There is an air of carelessness about all things Florida. I notice this as soon as I cross the border.

Florida architecture seems more flimsy, its institutions weaker, its standards generally lower in every way than most other states.

And, the infrastructure is built to support a much less populous state.

In short, a disaster.

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The zoning is crazy!

Sometimes I wonder if he tries to break as many laws as possible to numb our brains to corruption.

Conservative heads are exploding. I hope she sends Hanukkah cards to Trump and Pence.

And if it weren’t for nuclear weapons, their military would be laughed out of any conversation.

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UK and France could take Russia in a conventional war.

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Russia has one (1!) aircraft carrier. And it runs on diesel lol.

Any world deployable navy would wreck them.

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Yeah, and I think it's always breaking down

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Not surprised Jared is so comfortable with the Saudis. He's found folks as good as he is at running New York buildings into the ground.

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No more dismembering for you rascals!

OK, now I'm sure of it. Trump really is Satan incarnate.

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"I was struck that Barack Obama is the best listener as a leader I had ever seen and Donald Trump is the worst I've ever seen," Comey said. "Obama had the confidence to be quiet and try and get that. Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply insecure person, so I don't see any prospect that he would be able to be quiet for long enough to hear the truth." - Lambasting Jim Comey

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Quiet is a teacher. Trump has no quiet.

Capitalism is bullshit.

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Nordic Model is superior

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Nordic model still includes capitalism, it just places decent oversight over it, and considers people and society as more important than corporate profits.

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Exactly. So it's a good first step.

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The number of illegal immigrants has been going down, every year, for a decade.

Oh boy.

Unlike warren she’ll troll the right even more. Warren gave in to their hate.

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Bullshit. She claimed her ancestry. And nobody should be ashamed of their ancestry.

The United States government is actively working against not just it's own people - but the worlds. Governments need a massive paradigm shift before something catastrophic occurs due to climate change.

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I used to joke about Trump being the antichrist. Now I'm starting to wonder. He always does the worst possible thing, at every turn.

This guy thinks he can gaslight us about everything. It would be cute if he wasn't president*.

Remind me what Clinton did? Something about a consensual sexual relationship?

It wasn't the relationship that tanked Clinton, it was the perjury.

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About the consensual sexual relationship? Weren't they asking him if he ejaculated in a wastepaper basket?

Boy the right is terrified of Cortez.

What is it with conservatives and pissing their diapers when confronted with strong women?

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Hardcore conservative men are extremely insecure about their manhood. This has been proven scientifically. They are so beta that they are gamma. This is why they try to compensate with guns.

Umm... WTF? It's been patently obvious since mid-2016.

It's been heartbreaking, watching Wisconsin turn from being like Minnesota to being like Alabama.

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To be fair, the people of Wisconsin are better than this. I actually think Walker cheated on the recall election.

I just happen to be an amateur gynecologist, but it would be great if I could bill Blue Cross.

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