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Agreed. I'd also say that wrestling matches also don't resolve in knockouts. Maybe that part of their fighting backgrounds has something to do with it

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wrestlers from youth learn sportsmanship in a way no other sport does, and it is a totally different group of people than those attracted to boxing, martial arts etc.

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Based on my Dad’s sister’s results (and his resemblance to them) I’m guessing he isn’t my biological father. I will see if he will consent to do a lot - my siblings are not interested.

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I just realized, you can do Ancestry and you either will or wont match with his family. That would be least obtrusive way, albeit slower to find out for sure.

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I sent them screenshots of my results. No response for almost an hour, my older sister replied “weird!”, then I offered to buy DNA tests and only my older sister responded with a “no, I don’t want anyone having my DNA”. I haven’t talked with my Dad yet, I have no idea how to even approach this subject.

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A very very similar thing happened to my family last week with more hilarious consequences. About 4000 people replied that the same thing happened to them. It is established that around 5-10 percent of people are under the wrong impression as to who their bio parents are.

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do you have a source for this, hysterical if true, you do not exactly have to be a genius to get into Tech.

way *too

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go ponder the mysteries of forklifting.

He's even threatened to kill his wife elsewhere, saying he's sure she won't cheat on him because he keeps "50 gallon food grade drums in the garage". Someone needs to know to call the cops. I hope OP's wife's family and friends know to watch out for her. People like him with their threats, their regressive, sexist views and their extreme reactions to women's sexual behavior are very prone to actual violence.

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did you learn that in a movie ?

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Compound this with the availability of teachers and that teaching is not a super unique skill set. There is no shortage of teachers. Why do you deserve 150k a year, when the guy behind you will do it for 50k? The fact that there is no shortage of your kind - and that it’s so easy to become one - means you will always be struggling against demand in negotiations.

Edit: formatting

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You can not explain this to teachers (was one for 10 years) they literally can not understand this.

  I am an OSVET. Came to navy a few months ago, knocked down to E3 due to a six year and one month separation. Had several years of E4 time in rate. Came in the PriseR program, so this past cycle I sat for the E4 exam. I was fortunate to pass and advance. At the moment command is telling me, and the advancement manual seems to confirm it, that my E4 clock restarts now. Obviously not the end of the world as a reserve, however I am in my late thirties, hold a masters, starting a doctorate, have a management position in civilian job. Passed PRT and am on track for a very strong eval. 

My question is assuming my commands interpretation of the situation and my reading of the manual is correct are there any CO level maneuvers that could waive six months of time in rate so I could sit for, hopefully pass the e5 exam, and be frocked/advanced in this upcoming March cycle. Particularly given the fact I was an E4 for many years and had I reenlisted just one month earlier we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

My rates quota is around 50 percent and I feel very confident I will make the cut, and it would open up some better mobilization and collateral duties that I am anxious to take advantage of. Not really worried about the monthly difference in pay.

Is this kind of aggressive, and would it be viewed as negative by command staff, since we are really talking about six months difference ?

My CO gets really amped about promotions and awards so I feel like if there is a route to go, he would be all for it.

Where are the PSC’s ?


If anyone wants to follow along here's the references that come up:

(a) MPM 1133-061

(b) BUPERSINST 1430.16G

(c) BUPERSINST 1610.10D

(d) NAVADMIN 203/18

Correct me if I'm wrong (not talking down, but I don't know you in person and I want to get the basic info right):

  • You were an E4 in another branch, got out, and re-affiliated into the Navy as an E3.

  • You picked up E4 while in the Navy --this last September August.

  • You want to take the E5 test early --this March February, specifically

So, either you want your prior service time as an E4 to count toward E5, or you want some other means to take the test early. Is that right?

Your first issue is you need to have an eval as a PO3 before you can take the PO2 test. E5 periodic (annual) reports are in March, which means they can't count for the March February exam. You'd have to get a special eval, to start. Luckily, that's possible, as long as the CO decides s/he wants to do one.

d. Submission or Withdrawal of an Enlisted Promotion (Advancement) Recommendation or Establishment of a Performance Mark Average (enlisted only). Submit a Special report if needed for an enlisted advancement cycle to recommend a member for advancement who is not already in a recommended status, withdraw an advancement recommendation, or to establish a Performance Mark Average when no report that can be used for this purpose has been submitted in the member’s current rate. A Special report may not be submitted for the sole purpose of raising a Performance Mark Average (see chapter 16 for enlisted advancement system issues).

A CO can also choose to do a special report on an enlisted sailor to document exceptionally meritorious performance or to recommend for a special program (like commissioning).

At the moment command is telling me, and the advancement manual seems to confirm it, that my E4 clock restarts now.

Yes. Just like if you had gotten busted down. I have to assume the TIR when you came back into the Navy (as an E3) was calculated correctly, following figure 2-2 of reference the Advancement Manual, reference (b). If that's not the case (maybe someone screwed up?) then you should file with the Board for Correction of Naval Records. (If you do, then I can help since I've had to do one, but that's a completely different post of its own....) Otherwise, you picked up E4 based off of the test so that's your new TIR.

You'll probably get paid on the 1 July 2019 paycheck (effective paygrade 16 June 2019), and your TIR is 1 January 2019. Terminal Eligibility Date of February 2019 exam = 1 July 2019. But the minimum TIR for the February 2019 exam is 1 January 2019. For anyone else reading, this is where that six month waiver comes into play.

I skimmed through the NAVADMIN and Advancement Manual and this is the best I have for you (TL;DR: your odds aren't great).

EP Waiver

e. Waiver of TIR Requirements for Early Promote (EP) Sailors. COs/OICs may waive up to 1 year of the required TIR for Sailors in paygrades E5 and E6 who received a promotion recommendation of EP on the most recent periodic evaluation in the current paygrade.

That's current E5 sailors. The Advancement Manual mentions EP TIR waivers a lot, and it's very clear it doesn't apply to E4 going up for E5. Doesn't look like that will help. Besides, further down, "a special... evaluation cannot be used to establish eligibility for a TIR waiver." In other words, your command can't do a special eval on you to make you eligible to take the test that could wind up getting you frocked to E5 when you're still actually an E3.

Meritorious Advancement Program Chapter 10 of the Advancement Manual. Eligibility and program requirements get put out every year through a NAVADMIN. This year's MAP NAVADMIN came out in May, with "MAP open season" being 1 July to 31 August, so it could be similar this year. MAP has no TIR requirement for E5, so in other words if you aren't eligible to test in March you could get MAP'd in August and be a paid E5 in August. That may be your best bet.

However, the catch is I don't know if your command qualifies for MAP (not all do), and I don't know what additional requirements the program might have for SELRES sailors. Talk with your chain. I'm sure they would love to see a deserving Sailor get MAP'd and if you start working on a competitive package now you'll have it in the bag.

Exception to Policy (ETP)

  1. EXCEPTION TO POLICY (ETP). COs/OICs may request an ETP for candidates as set forth in this manual. All ETP requests must be sent to Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy (N13) and include an endorsement from the command’s immediate superior in command (ISIC).

Doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Is this kind of aggressive, and would it be viewed as negative by command staff, since we are really talking about six months difference ?

Nope. Good on you for trying. If you have advanced education, and maturity and experience beyond your paygrade, consider applying for an officer program. Yes you are too old for some programs, but not all.

Here's the manual on enlisted to officer commissioning programs.

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Thank you so much for this thorough response, you have read my original post exactly correct. It looks like my best and only chance may be the MAP as you mentioned. For the sake of personal clarity I am going to shut down pursuit of this, use the extra time to crush the test and circle 12 months from now for my next frocking (frocked for E4 yesterday) Hopefully I can pick up a sailor of the quarter/year in the meantime. Also gives me a chance to put an Officer package forward, I am very interested in Supply and Public affairs. First hurdle seems to be getting a call back. Again for anyone reading this, just want to put out there this is not simply about blind ambition, thank you for everyone’s help.

recently had a student who was googling images of dildos during class, sending them to a female student, because he found out she got one for Christmas.

We're they like.. highschoolers?

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For those of us who are having trouble figuring out OP’s “great” writing style, here’s a summary that I also posted on the other thread:

Wife was born around 36 years ago (so around 1982). Daddy was supposed to be Eastern European, Mama Ashkenazi Jewish. Mom’s close family friend is Italian, Dad and Mom got divorced, Mom remarried to the CFF (Italian man) now known as step dad.

OP bought wife 23andme to see what countries her parents were from (despite 23andme not really narrowing it down fully, since it doesn’t work like that, can provide a description later if needed). He also bought a test himself - 23andme had a 2 for 49$ each deal going on last month. OP’s results came in first, and then wife’s.

OP decides to send it to his in-law group chat, joking about the mom actually being Italian (“having Italian in her”). Turns out, Dad got a 23andme test done as well, and is 100% Ashkenazi, but they thought that Mom was 100% Ashkenazi as well. Dad and wife don’t see each other on DNA relatives, either. Therefore, they are not related. Wife is the child of an affair between mom and step dad, the Italian. (Therefore she “had an Italian in her”. That’s pretty tasteless.)

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omg thank your for elucidating how basic communication happens, I could never ever in a millions years wrote this. of one difference is no one will see it, whereas I wrote something 30k people engaged with.

I mean it's pretty obvious. Your dad has a sister who is the mother of Jack. Or worded another way, Jack's mom is your bio dads sister.

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this is exactly correct

you can very easily be reserve enlisted. not sure what made you think you can get out of going to boot camp, A school, etc. In 3-5 years you might have a chance after being enlisted.

Teachers would not be the one getting paid, It would be the school who got paid, you know for those pesky construction and operating actually teachers would get paid exactly the same, cause you know economics of supply and demand.

This is just insane to me as an non-USA Citizen. The state knows where you live, how on earth can whatever government agency controls the registers not? I don't have to register for anything as a Dutch citizen, I get a voting card in the mail and that's enough.

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With all due respect being a non US citizen you can not comprehend the level of corruption, that has been present in American culture since the 1800s, there is no such thing as send a piece of paper and everything will be ok. There are more illegal citizens in a typical city here than people in your whole country.

We are getting matches quicker than ever, and have been greener than ever.

“fake news”. There it is! Anything team Trump doesn’t like simply didn’t happen.

There was a time when even politicians were honor bound to have at least a grain of truth to their arguments.

Trump has no hesitation about spouting outright lies and calling the truth “fake news.”

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It does not matter is r/ropes or virginal sacrifices happened to this woman, you can not make a mockery of the governments processes by inserting yourself with no actually ability to prove anything, one day if you grow up you will understand thats the problem here, not preserving your right to kill babies.

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Wow! Your argument makes no sense and is borderline incoherent.

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Is = if hope that helps.

In summary, whatever unsubstantiated event might have happened to this woman, it is not relevant, and pales in comparison, with the attempt to destroy democratic society.

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Yea actually you can. It’s called barch and it is glorious. Each hour of boosting is 6 million or more of each, 3-4 hours of boosting and bam you got 30-40 million.

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Hey guy, not sure if you noticed but OP is a th11. Good luck barching. It is not glorious, it’s something needle dick freemium th6 players do.

I did level 11 walls In less than 2 weeks with barch, check my post history. I use barch on my th11 too. You can use barch from th2-12. Plenty of people do it, if you can’t that doesn’t mean others can’t.

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Darn if only I had discovered the secret of barch before I was nearly maxed at th12.

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Yes, I agree it is perfect in terms of balancing usage of troops. Definitely doesn't do as much to e-drags as miners and hogs.

From my data, hogs have an 8% use rate, 29% miners, and 26% edrag. Hogs are honestly fine and work amazingly (check my post history) but miners are much easier to use atm.

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Your data

Elixir upgrades and lab, defense is irrelevant right now for you. However keep the builders going

Same situation, had MEPS in three days. Sorry you got boned but get with someone who can fix it.

Please for one read how your insurance works. Copays, deductible, out of pocket max, network. Those are the big ones. Next figure out who your primary care doctor is, and then your nearest urgent care. You made a mistake, learn from it, hate to say it but don’t pay the bill, it will go into collections, you can settle for 40 percent and it is gone. Plenty of people have already told you not to go to ER again for this.

Thanks OP I was fired today at Hilton because your braindead and did not know how laundry works.

Just wanted to confirm. You are dumb.

You also wear socks with holes ?

It says it is for her son genius. Her son is not 50.

People stop being a mothers son when they age? TIL

I am willing to bet that no one in the world has handed over 24 k for a medication

So how much is a suitable price to pay for a drug that is free or costs a tenth of the price in other countries?

would be not even 10 percent of that for a child.

Hahaha, so they "only" have to pay $2400 for their son a month. Truly amazing.

My fucking kids paid 20 dollars a month for state provided health insurance when my wife wasn’t working and my taxable income was only that of a teacher.

You really think everyone can get healthcare for $20 a month?

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Yes my mommy stopped paying my bills when I became a big boy, also parents insurance factually does not cover dependents after 25 or so in the U.S.

The ten percent estimate was for the year not month, I know what insurance costs,

Most importantly, insurance is not fucking free anywhere ever at any time.

People with jobs have to pay for it for others.

However as I stated people can access it for low or no cost in the U.S. contrary to all of you peoples socialist fantasy.

Also if socialized medicine is so attractive why doesn’t everyone just move?

Why do people from Mexico risk their lives to come to the U.S. when Cuba is just a quick swim, or fuck it Canada is just a bit longer walk.

Yes my mommy stopped paying my bills when I became a big boy,

The second you became 18 you started paying all of your bills? You think every family in the entire US does that too?

Most importantly, insurance is not fucking free anywhere ever at any time.

Lmao, so I guess education isn't also free since it's paid through taxes right?

Do you not understand what free at the point of use means?

you peoples socialist fantasy.

Lmao, it's socialist to believe that people don't deserve to die for not having enough money?

Also if socialized medicine is so attractive why doesn’t everyone just move?

You think people don't move to other countries?

Why do people from Mexico risk their lives to come to the U.S. when Cuba is just a quick swim,

132 miles is a "quick swim"?

or fuck it Canada is just a bit longer walk.

Why bother walking further when you're already in a developed country? What's the point?

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No one said 18, in fact I referenced 25. Again you people cling to this narrative.

Yes public education is an entitlement expenditure. That is unfortunately largely wasted on a lot of the population. Thankfully it costs way way way less than universal healthcare, and its burden is way way more equally distributed. Seems like again you wouldn’t know that as someone who probably is not yet a taxpaying homeowner or has had to pay for insurance.

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