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What's up with the HP and MP bar though? 9 never utilized these.

I found that the game wipes you out when you are not facing forward when you land. Even if you make a clean landing you’ll wipeout if you are at an angle with the forward momentum. I hope this helps.

God of War!!!

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Best mascot?


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The sound of the balloons popping in Spyro 2 was excruciating.

The missing spring homeworld from Spyro 2. ~

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We have confirmation that it was never planned though.

What I did was constantly restart until the lag was so bad that I had about a two second delay between input and feedback. I ended up being able to do tricks and realign much more precisely than I could before, and cheesed that for a win. Did you do the same or was this bravely at full speed?

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Same for me. I found I could be more precise when the game decided to run in slo-mo.

A few tweets from over 3 years ago DOES prove a person has a past history of dine and dashing.

Why even cast doubt on this?

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I thought the average person would find a criminal record to be more conclusive than a few tweets.

I thought the average person would find a criminal record

He has a felony from theft. S that criminal enough for you?

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An arrest does not mean that the individual has been convicted of the crime. Individuals on this website are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

This is a direct quote from mugshotsonline, the source of the tweet you gave. So how about the actual criminal record or are you going to cite another tweet as definitive evidence?

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She is 47 years old, has three children, and sought a partner with the goal of having a fourth.

The agency may have mislead her, but this woman is far too old to have another child, and any man who fit her very high standards would have not wanted someone who is barely biologically capable of bearing children.

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Those who have the cash to drop for expensive medical procedures (likely including this woman) can easily get pregnant in their 40s.

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The removed post used the exact same source as the PC Gamer article. So, I guess it's not an "Unsubstantiated Rumor" when a gaming site puts it article form?

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Is this the first time for Nami to say an outfit is too skimpy for herself?!

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It just isn’t that memorable of a game. The music is good though. I think the soundtrack is one of the best in the series.

My opinion is it isn’t that memorable of a game. The music is the highlight of FF8. I think the soundtrack is one of the best in the series.

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