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Ideal candidate : Happy to do the jobs of several people with zero recognition or praise. Flexible in the way that you will work as little or as often as we fancy including mornings, days, nights, weekends, bank Holidays, any holidays really, 12 hour shifts, 2 hour shifts, your nans funeral etc. Able to work as part of a team as long as that team is mindlessly compliant with our own goals and not engaging in workplace solidarity. Minimum of 84 years experience in this sector.

£8 p/h!!! this employer pays ABOVE the national minimum wage oh, WOW! Just about! Still not enough to ACTUALLY live though, is it?!


Yes. The Daybreak DLC has a mode to earn the Prestige which allows you to recruit Red Talon soldiers and other Red Talon items.

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Is that a multiplayer-only feature or does it also apply to an offline campaign?

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I pulled up to the house having sped past a juggernaut. I had my best fighter as a companion to help clear out some infestations with my best fighter. We were tired and a bit beat up. I got out of the car at the base and all of the sudden a juggernaut was on us. It was not the one we’d sped past. He showed up too. I made it into the base my other character got torn in two. Both juggs came into the base and almost tore my best character.

This was a session after I lost my mechanic to random zombies in the base because I was looking through inventory. I found myself like my group: wondering how to carry on.

I’m trying this playthrough with a role play aspect where I’m journaling events and these losses are tough to write about.

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I’m trying this playthrough with a role play aspect where I’m journaling events and these losses are tough to write about

Oh I love this idea!!

Is it just for fun or are you planning on using it for a writing project? I'd be interested in reading the journals!

Good for you! That's awsum! I'd love to see pics of you cosplaying Bobby now =)

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The picture on the right could easily be edited in to, my first thought, Apocalypse!Bobby... Just add headscarf and machine gun!

Dude.... You're a fucking doppelganger! (albeit a younger version) Own that shit all day long! I love our boys, but, between you and me, Bobby is my favourite character!

Well done on the weight loss! I hope it's had the positive impact on your life that you wanted, and be sure to inspire others with your personal journey, it's super important that we all support and connect with each other, now more than ever. #spnfamily

It truly fascinates me the way some human brains work. I mean, I'm sure some people get off on up-front, vulgar come ons from strangers as much as those strangers get off on sending them, and that's okay if it happens to float your boat. However, when people react this way when the recipient is just not in to it I can never tell whether it's because they're projecting they're guilt and shame on to the other person to protect themselves from damaging their beliefs and ideals, or, they truly feel they have been cheated/wronged and/or believe they're entitled to whatever they want. I see far too many of these sorts of exchanges, it scares me how many humans are so disassociated and desensitised to the world and each other.

Muslims living in the UK are going to ban bacon because it's offensive to their religion... Please like and share this post to show everyone what a colossal fuck wit you are 🙄

Even your eyebrows are slowly backing away...

"I realised that all I want to do is get high and mow lawns in the trailer park, and that’s okay."

He don't pay fucking dental fees.

Existentialism can be a bitch...

Although, generally indicates a unique and/or above average intelligence so, there's that.

I have mental health issues and I really like it when my fella just listens to me. He doesn't try to problem solve because he knows I get that from everyone else. He'll just say stuff like "yeah, that is shit." "that must be really difficult for you, how does it make you feel" most of the time by the end of my rant I've already came up with positive solution's for myself.

Sometimes, it's nice to feel like someone is trying to understand it rather than attempt to tell you how to "fix" yourself. All done with the best intentions usually but it can make you feel like your being silly and over-emotional. It's reassuring to feel like someone acknowledges your struggles and and comforts you without feeling like your in a therapists office being given advice you've either tried before an it hasn't helped or something that just doesn't feel or isn't feasible for you. That can make you feel like a faliure as you start to wonder why it seems your the only one that can't get their shit together as everyone around you seems to find it easy.

Sorry if that didn't make much sense, my thought process can be a little convoluted.

Fair play for taking the time to try and better your understanding so you can help your SO, she's a lucky girl!

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This is pretty much why I left the army, my tour in afghanistan made me realize how messed up everything in the military is

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I'm really interested to hear what military life is actually like from a person who isn't brainwashed in to believing they are carrying out some sort of ethereal destiny. If you are willing, I'd love to hear your experiences for my article. This is all completely anonymous, I'm just looking to change the perspective of glorifying the military as an arbitrary collective and stop the senseless conflict of the common man in defence of the aristocrats.

Instead, they dress up in uniforms and trinkets that represent the murder of, for all intents and purposes, strangers. They blindly carried out orders under the guise of patriotism or national security and, still, declare themselves heroes. Sorry, but that is absolute bollocks. Why the fuck should I give my irrevocable respect to some cunt who doesn't even have the intelligence to think for theirselves?

US Memorial Day Predates WWI.

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So you guys do admit that history dates back further than 100 years?

you mean the part where our country was formed 242 years ago?

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Ah yes, my bad. Time goes by so quickly now..

242 years of squatting!


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Also, while innocents were sent to die under the illusion of patriotism, we drafted "foreigner's" to pick up the slack of the menial jobs. The same "foreigner's" we want out of our country for the sake of a Nationalism that has never existed in a robust or progressive state.

Humans are garbage.

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High af but yeah, same dif.

Maybe the basement itself wasn't hugh's red room.. (they only say there isn't a basement there specifically relating to the room accessed by by he dumb waiter. I believe, there was a standard basement and the bootlegging room is a separate, secret basement of sorts) But the black mold was his "red room" I like the theory that the houses way of digesting Hugh was to make him feel like he couldn't leave until it was fixed but I don't think the basement was actually the red room. But, it was still the red room spreading the black mold and the fact that Hugh couldn't get in there to "fix" it still serves its purpose. The rest of the Crain family saw the red room as a place of comfort and tranquility, Hugh saw it as an impossible obstacle that couldn't be overcome... The only true interpretation, really.

Without passion, we'd be truly dead.


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I don’t have a huge net worth, but I didn’t grow up with much money and now make 6 figures.

I haven’t really lifestyle creeped. For me the biggest difference is I don’t have to think so much when I spend money on basic things. I used to get anxious over every little expenditure, so it’s been nice.

Edit: To answer some of the questions-

I'm an options trader, so my base is low six figures, but it's a highly incentivized field so my end of year bonus can be anything from 50k to 500k or higher depending on the year. I've done well.

My hobbies are things that are mostly free or inexpensive (eg hiking). Like most American options traders I lived in Chicago but now I live on the west coast

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"The best way to think about options is this: “Options give you options.” "


Oh, and not only is it unreliable, the prices are extortionate, and there is a strong possibility it will be over-crowded and uncomfortable. They don't reflect these circumstances in our living wage or standard working week. It's easier to project the blame upon the workers, after all, we should be thankful we have a job that barely covers the basics of living and should be eager to give the vast majority of our time, effort and passion in exchange for a roof over our heads and some food on the table... Bonus points if you get a week or two a year in Spain #winning

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Show me on the doll where the bad man touched you....

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When she lied about still being on birth control and when I confronted her about it she told me 'I thought you'd be a wonderful dad.' It ended immediately thereafter. A four year relationship in flames.

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Ugh this makes me so mad. I've heard of soooo many girls basically tricking dudes in to getting them pregnant then complaining about being a single mom and how she's been left to bring up the kid alone because the dad is a deadbeat. There's enough actual shitty parents out there who chose to have kids don't shit on the ones who gave no consent in the matter!!

Aw I'm so pleased for you 😊

I needed some feel-good news today and this totally delivered! Feeling the love bro 👌🏼

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Wife has massive boobs. I can make her feel amazing things if i do the right thing with them, which in turn makes me feel good. Gotta disagree here.

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This. You definitely need to know what you're doing to give a girl pleasure from breast play. My previous partners were quite rough and clumsy and I didn't really get off on them touching my breasts. My current fella is fucking amazing, literally didn't even know how much I enjoyed it until he came along with the hands of a fucking god 😂

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