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What? They fixed it? It was so much funnier when they weren't in sync and the second block for Hong Kong was a split second after the other ones. Oh well, they still have the silly slider bars.

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For me they’re all a little bit out of sync. I wouldn’t have noticed that if it wasn’t for your comment so thanks.

that is actually illegal within the EU

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I’m in the EU now so would be very interested to see your source

As a team leader I completely agree with this. When I monitor calls I’m always more lenient than our Quality Executives, because I monitor calls of people in my team, I know them well and I’ll always give them benefit of the doubt. Plus I was one of them before and I know how tough the job can be.

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A lot of services still have trust tabs

Same with a lot of other services like the train or subways. They just trust that you bought a ticket. With that said, it was still evident quite a bit of people just said fuck tickets and snuck their way onboard crowded cars.

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Not so much in Berlin!

Did this move as well, what shocked me is the fact that technology isn’t a thing in a lot of places! In the uk I never carried cash, only paid by card, here it’s the other way around, also lots of companies you deal with don’t deal with emails, they need faxes or physical mails.

Ever tried to cancel a gym membership?!

Also it’s impossible to get a decent phone contract here - you pay a lot for not much data.

Dragons are pretty awesome. They fly, they make fire, occasionally let people ride on them if they’re in a good mood. Also often found guarding treasure. They get a pretty bad rep but most are pretty cool once you get to know them.

That’s a protest I can really get behind!

Disneyland Paris

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Kaimondake Volcano, 924m above sea level according to Wikipedia

When I realised cereal can be eaten in the evenings, it’s not just a breakfast food.

I’m blonde and I have to admit it took me a while


Difference in altitude between the highest and lowest point of rivers in each country

That’s literally what best before means


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Nope but also close

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In South Australia it’s illegal to mount a dormant dragon, but legal to watch.

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Only if you get permission.

‘Accidental’ comedy...

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To prevent thread spam and other natural disasters, I only respond to direct replies. Other commands will be ignored and may be penalized. Let's keep our marketplace clean!

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!invest 334


I am a tad bit taller than a fire breathing dragon, N O I C E

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Charizard is the runt of the litter.


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Not to my knowledge. I have a different name that features heavily in many videos. Do you have a source?

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I was thinking the YouTuber was Casey Neistat, maybe not though!

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